Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1920 appliques and Japan Town Heaven

I was so excited when
I found these
1920 felt appliques

I stuck them
an on my dress

ps crazy hair and glasses day

IMG_3018 by you.

My friend told me about
amazing japan town stores

I jumped into the above outfit

When I arrived
I was extremely excited!

In every corner of both stores
I found amazing little
objects for about 4$ and under!!!

Here is a tiny portion of my
Japan Town splurge

IMG_3102 by you.

orange shaped
lip gloss
and pastel
plastic sushi grass!

IMG_3116 by you.

IMG_3108 by you.

I am inspired by these
tiny fish containers

IMG_3107 by you.

Golden Sake!
I'm so girly..

IMG_3113 by you.


Nana said...

What a gorgeous outfit!
If you like japanese sweets, there's this one with koala pictures on the cooks that are delicious! They have strawberry, like Pocky, or chocolate or milk, they're all really nice :D

caramimi said...

Ah you discovered "Ichi Ban Kan" yes? The Japanese version of a "dollar store." You can get lost in that tiny space. Btw, you are adorable.

chelsea said...

I love pocky, have you tryed the choc/bananna? Brilliance!
I want to save my soy fishes to fill with lipgloss.

Anonymous said...

oh my god those mushroom thingies are SOOOO GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Orange shaped lip gloss! Love it! :)

RunBarbara said...

Daiko in Colma is just as awesome and even BIGGER than Ichi Ban Kan. They have the cutest bento boxes that work as amazing little purses and some great floral bouquets.

RunBarbara said...

oh! Hello Pandas are another great cookie, little biscuits filled with chocolate.


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