Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm wearing pants

Yes I only find pants
that suit me
Once in a blue moon
I own exactly 4 pairs of pants

IMG_2514 by you.

IMG_2516 by you.
IMG_2521 by you.
IMG_2511 by you.


Fluffy said...

That's pretty cute. The trousers have a strange fifties vibe. I love the bow and sweater too.

I won exactly nought pair of pants. Maybe I should get one? ...Ahaha, no I'm kidding myself.

Fluffy said...



Anonymous said...

Usually i'm not a big fan of blue-white-red outfits but I looove this one! Especially the bow.b

Anonymous said...

Nicole I've just nominated you in the category best fashion blog :)

You can all vote here:

niki said...

cute outfit as usual! and i looove your dog! what kind is it? looks like a little fox.


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