Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back to school

Sorry my posting has turn to
a snail pace

School started on Monday

I have three fashion classes
and something is due
for each soon
so you will see
a lot of my designs


for now I will be posting
ruff sketches

Conceptual design
in class we had to come up with a key piece that represents the 5 senses
and then do 3 off shoot collections
we had only a couple of hours do do really quick sketches

I thought of candy which would be the most pleasurable of all senses

Key piece

A bustier
(nothing would be real candy)

*dot candies made of sewn on cabs (half beads) which feel like braille
*horizontal marshmallows stuffed appliques which would be fluffy and add dimension

*beautiful pale color combination

* the dot candies are in the shape of birds
(I think they are the most pleasurable sound)

* the taste is represented by the visual of candy

* the cabs and fabric are scented with scratch and sniff type idea

IMG_3006 by you.

Off shoot # 1
Dot cab candy

IMG_3002 by you.IMG_2999 by you.

Off shoot # 2

IMG_2998 by you.IMG_3004 by you.

Off shoot # 3
birds (peeps)

IMG_3000 by you.IMG_3001 by you.

The other project I have is to design a bustier outfit

here is what I came up with

Fabric swatch (sea foam green)

IMG_3011 by you.

Top stitched sea shell cups and back with a flowy skirt.

Maybe later I'll add a sea gull applique to the back :)

(Quick sketches are always disgusting I know)

Front Back

IMG_2995 by you.IMG_2996 by you.

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