Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Show on Union Square

I was really lucky because I was invited to show my past work on Union Square  in San Francisco

It was put on by the Ria Foundation 
Titled: Hopes & Dreams exhibition

I showed:
My collection Treasures of the sea
Extracts from my portfolio
Various fashion projects

This adorable lady from Sweden chatted with me and kept me company
She also wrote a very generous comment in my book:


Anonymous said...

you're stinkin' adorable! congrats, and love the new header!

Elizabeth said...

Did you ever think you would show your stuff in Union Square one day?! :)

Isabel said...

Looove the new header and layout!

Heidi said...

Love the new blog look:) Did the puff hat arrive yet?

Unknown said...

Good work, congratulations!!
I like the concept and the color combination of your fashion proyects, you are very talented.
I like the new header, but I think the text it would read better in white or light color "?"
Regards ;-)

mispapelicos said...

You are a doll, and look like one, no wonder the Swedish lady wants to take you with her...
What a brilliant project. i do hoped people apreciated the wonderful creator you are.
I love the new look on your blog, lighter and fresher.
Te abrazo guapa mía!!!

Unknown said...

misc-maranda: thanks, Im glad that people are responding well to my new header :)

Mom: No it was pretty magical!

Isabel: thanks :)

Heidi: yes it did and its amazing!!! Im going to do a post about you and the puff soon (I plan on sending you an interview), and try to finish the collars as well so I can send you one :) I still reeeeeeallly neeed your animal hats hahaha!

Pachi sanchez: Thanks, the header was in transition..now it has both dark and light :)

Sacramento: Thanks! yeah the lady was really really cute. Some people were confused..but some were really into my stuff :)

Anonymous said...

I have a present for you in my blog. I chose you one of my best bloggers in the world.

Unknown said...

Ok, now is better!!
The text type is very organic, I like it.
Regards :)

Puck Litaay said...

I love your hat, so cute :)


dirtbike said...


i really like that swedish woman's handwriting.


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