Thursday, September 23, 2010

Provence day outfit + News

I had amazing food at Provence day
The chefs cooking were all chez panis people
So the food was obviously excellent!!
I was hoping my outfit would match the food, wine, and desert!
I think I succeeded

This guy had an amazing outfit, he told me he's a goat herder!


Lipstick: YSL RougeVolupte in mesmerizing purple
                 Eyeshadow: make up forever aquarelle in orange
                 Nail polish: Essie in lapis of luxry
                 Hat: Vintage 1950s from Clever Nettle
                 Pant Suit: Vintage 1940s from Yesterdazed
                 Belt: Vintage 1970s snake belt
                 Shoes: purple zara criss cross sandals
                 Bracelet: Vintage 1940s clamper with lady bugs and leaves
                 Feathers: Vintage 1920s pale purple millinery feathers
                 Purse: Vintage 1930s painted purse
                 Brooch: 1930's turban lady


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Jenni said...

Your whole outfit is so awesome! Where do you find this stuff? That's the best purse ever. That dude is really cool, too. :D

LincolnTaft said...

My goodness, The colors in this post are amazing. That eye shadow kills it,

LincolnTaft said...

p.s. Fashion forestry finds is fantastic. I will def. keep my eyes on this.

Angela Joy said...

wow your makeup is fantastic, i need to check out makeup forever NOW

mispapelicos said...

I am loss for words when it comes to your outfits. Where do you get that beautiful bag. And the colour of your eye shadow matching your suit, well, as I said. Just watch and enjoy.
I want to show you to the world, so I will follow your facebook, and of course will have a look to the goodies you sell.
Un abrazo guapa!!!

Gabriela said...

THAT BAG! THAT MAKEUP! and you did a good job matching it with the food! i hope it was better than the crap that passes off as "provence" here at the brussels weekend fairs -_-

Bantik said...

Orange eyeshadows!!!
After seeing it on Bernadette Peters ( in slaves of New york)I can't stop thinking about it. She looked so perfect with orange eyeshadows and orange lips.

Unknown said...

Jenno: well I started so people can get in on my keep an eye out for my posts :) Yeah I know his outfit is pretty special!

Lincoln Taft: Thanks, Im kinda wearing the orange eyeshadow everyday now! ahha Please keep an eye on because I would love if you were part of my audience!

Angela Joy: I should have gone into more detail about the product I used...its even better it like bofy make up so its like a matte stain that washes off with soap and water. Basically the possibilities are endless... eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow, blush, face intricate tattoos on your can even mix primary colors like paint to get all the colors of the rainbow!!!!!!!!1 even better its in their permanents collection...ok I should stop and actually post about this!!

sacramento: thanks for the generous comment!

Gabriela: Actually the food was put on by a famous it was amazing quality food for the masses

Bantik: Thanks so much for the image...and introducing me to that movie...must check it out..Im a big movie fan!!!

Alexis said...

Everything is fabulous! Your hair is the best though- gorgeous curls! Love the colours x

Anonymous said...

amazing colors, especially the makeup; LOVE the intense orange shadow! P.S.- thanks SO much for the comments on my little blog (pretty-dirt)!
:) Jade

mary van note said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you've started posting the makeup you're using and I'm stoked that you posted some things from your line for sale. I WANT EVERYTHING!

PuppyLovePrincess said...

holy mac, that fishy bag is the best!

Unknown said...

You are wonderfull!! love your hair!!

harps said...

oh I love that jumpsuit on you, fits like a dream. really into rust/orange colours at the moment.

Cassidy said...

Holy god. You're a fashion/makeup/hair goddess.

dirtbike said...


of course


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