Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Lovely ladies that answered

Thank you so much to the 5 ladies who answered!
I really love how differently interesting each of you are!

Enjoy them as I do!

*I’m a stand-up comedienne, writer, filmmaker and vintage addict.
* Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be a Grandma.
*I believe in magic.
*The film "Play Time" by Jacques Tati blew my mind.
*I love when art gives me goosebumps.
*Miranda July inspires me along with Andy Kaufman, Spalding Gray, 
Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven, Banksy, David Elsewhere and more.
*Highbrow and lowbrow, I appreciate it all.
*Lists like this are utterly cliché.
*I'm overly self-conscious about writing lists.
*I like to write about writing lists in a list format.
*Sometimes I'm too meta for my own good.

For your stalking pleasure:
Facebook page:
Personal style and comics blog:
IFC web series:

I ♥ Fashion Forestry to death ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks for including me! So I suppose I'll share a little bit about myself! I'm an illustration student, living in the Bay Area, in California. I am sisters with the wonderful, Nicole known as "Fashion Forestry" and we both grew up very creative and full of inspiration in our life. I've always loved drawing, probably since I was about two years old and I never stopped! I've also always loved fashion and wore tons of pretty dresses that my mom made me, while I was growing up (and even now too). My blog is called "Feather" I don't put too many of my illustrations up (even though I should), mostly fashion, cooking, makeup, and randomness! I'm very funny, and friendly, and would love people to stop by my little blog to chat!

I'm so honored to be featured with all the lovely ladies included on this post. 
Thank you for allowing me to share something about myself.  
I am a 25-year-old journalist, who recently moved to Brooklyn, New York. 
I love to blog about anything that inspires me, including fashion, art, film and culture.

I am only child, who grew up in artistic city of Providence, Rhode Island. 
I am passionate about thrifting, collecting (hoarding), and

story telling. There is nothing like hunting through piles of clothing
to find that one perfect dress that makes your heart stop. I collect
keys, antique creepy dolls, vintage souvenir pennants, linings and

My style is a mix of all my thrifted adventures. I
like to dress like a folky equestrian. I love ladies fashion from 1920's- 1950's. 
My favorite accessory is always a good vintage hat. 
(Which is why I love Nicole's style and Fashion Forestry)

My partner Paul and I love to host dinner parties and gardening in the abandon lot located behind the mill we live in. I have a gold fish named Johnny, a fear of deer and I am a proud left-handed individual.

I love learning new things. I currently am studying American Sign Language, and learning to play harmonica and practicing my tap dancing.
(I have dreams to make it a traveling act.)

Thanks again.

I live with my boyfriend in Vallentuna outside Stockholm but I'm originally from a small town in Dalarna (Dalecarlia) called Malung. I try to make a living as an artist and illustrator and I study History at the Stockholm University.

One of my biggest interests is the 18th century, and mainly the later half. I make my own 18th century clothes from the 1770s -80s and early -90s and I'm always trying to learn more. I'm also obviously very into clothes and style, I love glamour, and I'm a big Disney park fan (going to Disneyland in a couple of weeks!).


Hello and thanks for inviting me to share a little about myself! Its quite an honor to be considered an inspiration alongside my own inspirations..where to begin? I live in an unincorporated town in north san diego county where i raise chickens and frequent the best thrift stores ive ever been family and i live a pretty solitary life on our little acre. Since highschool ive been an avid crocheter and handicrafter, but after i left school i became obsessed with vintage fashion and sewing. I clearly remember my first thrift store adventure after being kicked out of class when i was fifteen..i ended up with a bunch of ugly sweaters.. my style has developed alot since then and it continues to evolve all the time. My style probably would be best described as feminine, impractical, textural, busy, cheerful, overwhelming and never dull! My favorite fashion blogger and the girl who made me want to start a blog is Ranna of Helmi otsalla. Every time i step out of the house is an opportunity to show off my homemade and thrifted finds, i feel. The sellers at my local flea market that ive been going to every sunday since i can remember nicknamed me little grandma and i believe i fit that title, as i am always working on my afghan or embroidery and the patterns and shapes i choose for a costume might seem to someone else like what a nearsighted old woman would wear, haha. currently i am pursuiting a degree in fashion design from my local community college, which has been fun but intimidating. I am always inspired by my habitat and love being outside, i live in a beautiful place!

again, im so flattered that youve taken interest in my blog- my little collection of inspirations and motivation to look my best!



sacramento said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful talented and funny ladies with us.

LincolnTaft said...

holy spaces. I'm creating the most space ever!

thanks again!

Lecon de vetement said...

YIKES! Im trying to fix the holy spaces hahah ASAP!

Arielle said...

cute cute cute!

Clara said...

amazing post!

Pachi Sánchez said...

Thanks for sharing, cute!
I'll to visite their blogs.
Regards from utopia blog, now with Dracula!

SMASH said...

Loves it! I really liked learning about these gals they're kinda all sorts of awesome :)


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harps said...

oh no! I feel so guilty for not getting round to doing this, I keep meaning to....I guess I'm a little late :P
A very interesting read though!
I just dedicated a little of my last post to you, just a couple of things that made me think of you xxxxx


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