Friday, September 10, 2010

Secret date at the columbarium and first fall outfit

I surprised Pierre this past weekend 
with brunch at Samovar.  
We then went to the Columbarium of San Francisco.  
Pierre was really surprised.  
San Francisco doesn't have graveyards, but instead a place for memorabilia and  urns. 
I forgot to snap a shot, but I saw Harvey Milk's urn.
A lot of the sections had condensation on the glass,
which creeped both Pierre and out

I was excited to wear my first fall outfit of the season
I am particularly fond of the beaded collar on my late 30s blouse!!!

PS I am obsessed with maroon right now!!!!!!!!


cb said...

that building is so awesome! our senior project was based on that building!

you look FABULOUS!!!!


Style Realist said...

yes the urns are creepy but at least you look lovely!

the exhausted etiquette (kirstine) said...

It's kind of creepy, buts mostly beautiful. I like most colors on you, and maroon is def. a good one! You just reminded me that I really wanted a black turban. :D


Shady Del Knight said...

Following your blog is such a pleasure! Your colorful photos take me around the world to places I've never seen and I love your fashions and accessories. I would like to take this opportunity, albeit belatedly, to thank you for following my blog as well. I am honored!

Anonymous said...

As always, you look gorgeous! love the pinafore, reminds me of my old school uniform! It's so pretty inside that place despite the creepy feel to it ^.^

dirtbike said...

i LOVE maroon right now... and i love that dress. plus i like weird red and green combinations... like the maroon dress and algae green nail polish. i am so psyched for fall outfits it ain't even funny.

and you know me, being the creep i am, LOVE a good mausoleum.

Fawn and Flower said...

Oh my gosh, your turban. I love it, I love the bow in front. I sew all the time and I even own a pattern for turbans, but for some reason it's the one thing I've never been able to figure out, and I'm sure they must be super easy.

Pretty pictures :)

mary van note said...

what a beautiful outing! I got to check those places out! I'm not ready for fall yet. I feel like summer has gone by too too fast!

Angela Joy said...

love these photos! you guys have such great style, i love how you fit each other so well.

Hannah said...

Wow, such a creepy-fascinating place! I've never been to a columbarium, it seems so eerie yet almost kitschy (in a good way.) I'm in love with yr ensemble, of course! such a great colour.

mispapelicos said...

I am lost for word. Your posts always make my day.
Thank you my lovely!!!


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