Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today we are going to take a waltz through my process:

getting what I want in my little fashion world!

How do I find an item I am obsessed with?

Why the obsession? 
How do I obtain it?  
How do I search for it? 
Should I just make it? 
How the hell do I wear it? 
How can you make it?

Why the obsession?

Every period had found a way to sneek ermine into fashion
but it hasn't been taken seriously as a trend since the 1950s!

Um its the symbol of anything regal....

Well I'm mad about Ermine and I'm bringing it to the 2010!!!!
There's something so crisp and almost graphic about the black and white
While still keeping its elegance in the silky fluff and texture of the black tails

I have found in the first part of my research that
secretly people have kept up a longing for ermine
I imagine this creepy but amazingly eccentric woman who opens her cupboard to get something and all of these ermine capes, collars, coats, hats, and muffs come tumbling out, and she shoves it in with haste before slamming it shut.

I secretly want(need) to be the woman ;)


How do I search for it?

I have either been outbid 
or come across a giant text: SOLD flashing before my eyes all over vintage websites

I was about to jump off a bridge while dreaming up layaway possibilities 
to make this cape be mine

I mean come on! Really why the torturous price of $4500 

I just want to touch it please???

Its only a matter of time when a museum or celebrity stylist (Yes Rachel Zoe/ Met museum that means you!) will soon get their grubby hands all over this one

How can you make it?

Very frustrated I started to think about making it....
I found a tutorial that is pretty simple
Which can lessen your frustrations as well

I recommend the "difficult" choice, which isn't so difficult!
side note:  The Elizabethan jewelry tutorials are super magical and I want to try them out myself!

One day I found the perfect 30s scarf

I bid
I won
I conquered!!!

How the hell do I wear it?

search half way over!!!
Why half way you ask?
Well when I'm obsessed 
one piece is not enough for my taste
I need at least a set or better a full ensemble covering me head to toe

So my search went like this

ermine fur cape.....nothing
ermine hat.....nothing
ermine muff.....nothing
ermine shoe clips.....nothing

I then found myself
(going to the source) 
visiting the lovely online shop 
side note: you can follow her on face book to get constant updates me its worth it

And so....

yep you guessed it!
look what I found......

this muff is going to be fantastic!

outfit post will be posted ASAP

Learn a little about the little cuties and my fur views:

They are actually stoats, but during their winter coat period
they are referred to as Ermine

I believe that fur should ONLY be worn if it is vintage or fake.

I personally would never buy anything else, but can understand cow and rabbit fur only if its from the same animal that is eaten..and since it is practically impossible for the two to exist and still be quality I continually stand by not wearing anything else.

There is such a thing as a beautiful fake.  In fact fake fur that has been designed extraordinarily well can be fantastic and precious.  It angers me when people actually set their minds to cheapness when working with the fake fur

EX: On project runway this week Chris actually said "I was looking at all the fake furs and they look soo cheap".  Well I'm sorry but what you came up with when using real fur (you thought you deserved) insulted the animal killed!!!

I feel it is ok to make up for the mistakes of the past.  To simply sweep 1000's of years worth of animals that we slaughtered is simply bad for the environment and disrespectful to the creatures.

Feedback that I would love to hear from you:

1) I'm wide open to a very tired, old, but still interesting, and valid(due to current fur trends) discussion about I want to hear it all
2) Did you like the process of my vintage search...would you like to see more?? I have many more obsessions to me hahaha!


Anonymous said...

i am so thrilled about this post! not because i like fur, because it's so refreshing! i get a little tired of the usual "i bought this, here's my outfit, aren't i cute?" posts that are so common in the vintage blogoshpere. i love me some vintage fashion, but i'm also interested in the historical context of the clothes as well as the implications of wearing it today. alright, enough of that...on to the matter at hand! :)

i was pretty relieved to read your "only buy faux or vintage" rule. i'm anti fur/ anti leather. i was actually having a discussion recently about buying name brands that you don't support and wouldn't buy new (specifically American Apparel) and whether or not buying it second hand is 'ok', and i think the same argument applies. (for the record i haven't decided where i stand on this yet) the argument is, by wearing fur (or name brand items) you are in a sense popularizing it, (especially as a fashion blogger with many followers) and encouraging other people to buy it, which then creates a demand... just some ideas i've been kicking around and i'd love to here your thoughts! am i over thinking???

Unknown said...

Mic-maranda, thank you so much for this intellectual response!! Im glad that you enjoyed my post. About popularizing fur, I feel popularizing it as vintage is very good for the environment, but popularizing fur products that are new but with vintage style would be bad for animals and the environment. So basically people need to shun buyers and designers who buy/use real new fur.

So My aim is to popularize it in a more direct specific way, and not vague way by saying I love "fur".

By adding a tutorial of making your own ermine, I'm hoping that would encourage new thought and ideas to the public and to designers. Because this could be made with small scraps of vintage fur you find and or fake fur.

For example if I were to mass produce (in small quantities only) a collection that was fur I would do fake fur, and do it tastefully.

If I as doing a one of a kind couture garment (which I would prefer) I would find vintage furs and take them apart to make a new garment.

thanks again for the fabulous answer!!

Anonymous said...

I told you that every time you post it is like having a present for me. Your posts are always fresh and unique, as somebody said: like the first icecream after a long and hard winter.
Now, about fur...I do not like wearing another animal skin. Once I had a very well made faux fur coat, but I looked like a bear on it, so not very nice. I do wear leather boots, and purses, always vintage, of course...
Come a visit. I miss you...
Un abrazo grande.

mispapelicos said...

I forgot to say who much I adore your photos, wow !!!!!!!!!!!!

mary van note said...

love this post, Nicole. I want more!
I like seeing your search terms. I always wonder how you find such unique items. Sounds like it might be because you have such a unique mission to begin with : )

Jade said...

omg these are bootyful

Jade Appeal

Unknown said...

Hi! I agree with you. The fake fur can be fantastic and precious.I'm anti fur and I love the animals. I also love the historical context of the clothes and this post is very interesting! People must follow your idea: "tutorial of making your own ermine".
I invite you to "the aquatic utopia" :-)
Regards from Madrid and congratulations!

Natalia Romashko said...

I'd like to know more about you so I invite you to play a game :)
here are the rules:

Carla Fox said...

I loved following you on your quest for ermine! Love the historical references. I, too, will only use/wear vintage fur. I just found a wonderful mink piece (part of an old stole, I think) at a garage sale for $2.50 and I want to make a neckpiece/collar/necklace with it. Thanks for sharing your love of ermine.

dirtbike said...

look at you with yr new layout!

git. it. girl.

i loved yr lil explanation of process, i feel i have personally witnessed a few moments of it live (remember richard yelling at us cuz we were watching 'bill & coo' in class? or the numerous other times you'd dazzle me with yr vast array of vintage sites) i like that you have developed something that works really well for you. keep at it and fuck it dude, this is yr blog, write whatever the hell you want!

<3 shannon

Lou said...

I have a vintage fox fur stole and a mink trimed cardigan. I dont support the modern intensive farming fur industry, not sure whose still buying all this fur.I would love to wear my fur out, but so many people have a poor understanding of how the fur industry was back them, they immediate became aggresive and abusive, but are happy to eat barn eggs, and wear leather shoes.

Unknown said...

mispapelicos: Yeah fur isnt for everyone

mary: Becasue of the vintage expo you have no trouble picking out things I like :)

Pachi sanchez: I hope people do make their own ermine, and I would be curious to see how they turn out :) I checked out your underwater art, and its great! I like how you combine photography and drawing!

Natalay R: i will fill it out soon!

shannon: ahhaha, im following you, you better post soon!! haha

Moni: you are soo right, your whole comment is he truth :)

harps said...

I do so love the look of ermine, as you said it is of course so regal. I can't wait to see you head to toe in ermine one day! That cape is absolutely wonderful, as is that muff. I am incredibly jealous of it!
I am in no way anti-fur, but I do think people should opt for vintage first, there's plenty to go around. Of course the process of getting fur should be as cruelty free as possible, but I don't believe it is wrong to wear fur.

Anonymous said...

I really love this post, I have a 60's coat with a fur collar. I've been wanting to take it off and work with the fur since the coat is ruined.I feel very torn, because on one hand I am vegetarian (almost) vegan, but yet I love vintage clothing. So until I make up my mind it will just be sitting in my closet looking at me. haha


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