Monday, September 27, 2010

Fashionably arty interview video

My friend Mary Van Note and I 
are planning a blog together
it consists of us going around to bars and interviewing people about:

1)The artist within
2) Interviewing the artists and asking them how they would make something that is inspired by our outfits
3) People critiquing our outfits

Mary is a professional comedian so you know its going to be good!
Stay tuned, and tell me what you guys think of it, and if you would prefer it on my blog or a separate blog
We have some videos already excited to post them!!!

Here are some stills of our outfits, from our first interviewing night!

1) dress: vintage 1960s bought at Mars Mercantile
2) coat: Target liberty of London
3) shoes: zara
4) lip purse: 1980s Vintage
5) lipstick on both ladies: mac in ruby woo


Helga said...

Tres saucy,can't wait to see the first installment.I think you should have people lick your knees for the honour of being interviewed by your lovely selves.

LincolnTaft said...

exciting news!!

Steph said...

Hey this sounds brilliant! Can't wait to see it

Unknown said...

youre such a doll!
love the red lips :)

Unknown said...

Im sure it would be a hillarious blog! please keep me updtaed! I would love to read it.

Anonymous said...

good grief, that sounds like so much fun!

mispapelicos said...

I would keep it in this blog. We already come to it like home, and it might take you both a while to build a new group of people who adore you.
Looking forward to it.

Bantik said...

I think you shoul do it on this blog ( sometimes it's just tooooo many blogs in my googlereader..) :>
You both look very nice.

tara-lynn / good night, day said...

sooooo good

Unknown said...

very funny!! It's a great idea!
Beautifull the last photo.
Regards from Madrid!

Kate - lover of things fancy, fluffy and fine! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
la recessionista said...

You guys are so lovely !

harps said...

Ughgh I love that Libery of London/Target coat! Wish I lived in the US so I could have got my hands on some of the collab stuff.


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