Friday, November 7, 2008


This is what I wore
when Obama
IMG_0059 by you.

screaming in
the streets!!

IMG_0047 by you.

Previous outfit

The top I made
that was shown in 
working in action
during the 
fall season

IMG_9982 by you.IMG_9970 by you.IMG_9953 by you.

I added this 
1930 frog button
and other goldies
to make this H&M 

IMG_9990 by you.

I was 
belovedly talked about
a lovely


Betsy said...

I stayed up several hours at the middle of the night, woke up at 6 and finded out dear obama had won <3
No more bush!
It was more media for USA's election then the swedish, haha :D


ldvnicole said...

Oh I know, talk about changing the planet!!

Songy said...

It was a monumental day wasn't it? It seems like you had a nice time there.

jennine said...

wow, horse pins and frog buttons... i love i love i love

ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

Isabel said...

Yay, I'm ecstatic for the Obama victory as well. I might be whooping it up in the streets as well, if I weren't from Canada. And thanks so much for the mention!

april said...

I love that picture of you screaming in the streets! You look like you are going to explode rainbows!!!

ldvnicole said...

April: I'm glad that you can see how happy I was feeling....I was about to burst rainbows!

Cassidy said...

I absouletly adore that shirt you're wearing. I put your pictures on a post on my blog, Retro Kisses. I hope that's ok =)
Would you mind checkng out my blog, by the way? I'm a huge fan of yours and it would mean a lot to me if you looked at it.

rebekka said...

I LOVE the shirt you made. Love it.

Porcelain Garden said...

I love that sweater. It's soo effin cute.


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