Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Everyone is doing it in Fall 08'

Join us into the dark, yet humorous fairytale.
Lets face it, Sleepy hollow and Edward Scissor Hands..... OK fine Tim Burton, has been at it for decades. I think Designers have gazed longingly enough at ghost stories and witch hunts. I personally, have always feared the cliche Gothic look or possibly stepping too far into "costume-land". Ive decided that I should no long push this look aside because I found that only a tiny bit of humor is needed to launch this look.

For example:
all black + some kind of animal (and/or some kind of surface detail) = dark humor
all black+solid black= cliche
all black+ a jolt of color=dark humor
all black+pale colors (neutrals dont count)
orange + black = perfect balance of cliche and dark humor
black + neutral or white=cliche
black (or orange)+ futuristic silhuette=dark humor

With that inspiration in mind for quite some time now (approx 1 year), I went a little mad last night and cooked up a dark humor blouse.

I'm standing right in front of my inspiration boards that Ive contributed to over the year
notice the miniature silhouettes by my right ear in the first picture.

As you can see my blouse is made of a lightly woven wool. The sleeves are ridiculously high(it was planned) and a little ruffle floats at the bottom. Oh yeah and the back scoops down a little further than the front.

Here I am frantically and desperately cutting out everything
at the crack of dawn


Francis Girard said...

You are so clever - sewing is a skill I envy. I LOVE the high (planned) sleeves. xfrancis

Anonymous said...

Hello! I really like how you live your life (altho i only see a really small part of it on your blog). I love your energy and your spirit :}

I'm linking you if you don't mind. Have a wicked day!!

emily said...

i saw this and your blog link on newestwrinkle and i love it! <3

ldvnicole said...

OH Yeah, add me as much as you like guys! I've been posting everyday :)

rainy mornings said...


Could you create a post with instructions on how you made the top. I would love to know.

ldvnicole said...

Rainy Mornings: Sure I can, do you want me to Post about the pattern process or the sewing process? (or both?)

rainy mornings said...


Can you please post about both. Thank you so much :)

ldvnicole said...

The post might be a bit delayed, since I'm about to leave on a month trip around Europe..but I promise it will happen!!!

Elizabeth said...

Nicole that turned out so cute,I would love to see it in person when you get back :)


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