Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Glasses

I received my new glasses yesterday.
Although these don't look like a familiar time period, they are in fact from the 1960's.
Since the color red is like black for me. (all my accessories are always red) The color of these glasses couldn't be better. As you can see They go with this hand embroidered top with ease.

Unfortunately, you can tell from this picture that the glasses make
my eyes look miniature, ahah!

Without new glasses by you.

I'm glad my glasses came in time for my month long vacation in Europe.
I'm going to
Toulouse, France ( annual husbands family visit) 10 days
Helsinki, Finland 6 days
Riga, Latvia 3 days
Tallinn, Estonia 3 days
Stockholm, Sweden 6 days

I will make sure to take millions of pictures of the fashion,
and try to update while I'm there.


Anonymous said...

blog more!!

ldvnicole said...

Hahah I will! I promise! Im on a month trip to norther Europe, Ill be back on the 28th of august. Until then go to my flickr

I have already posted pictures of Paris and Toulouse, at the moment im in Finland, (Helsinki) and Ive taken many pictures today...who knows...tonight I might post!!!

Anonymous said...

teehee, those glasses are wacky! very you.

Cassidy said...

You're so stunning as well as your clothing.
You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

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