Thursday, July 24, 2008

With darkness there has to be light

I'm not JUST into the darkness.
One look is never enough for me.

This light as a feather look is anything but light. Its made of plush toy fabric, ostrich feathers (curlier the better), FEATHERS IN ANY FORM, pastels, rhinestones, suede, and of course faux sheep fleece.
This look is like a brand new baby blanket...oh hell, why don't we just compare it to a baby shower!
Just think of all the possibilities of baby showers. Satin ribbon, baby layettes, PASTEL anything, stuffed animals, blankets...oh god the list can go all night!!
I myself am going to rock the light, powder look with this coat and rhinestone brooches, or a feather in my (soon to be powder blond) hair....
What? yeah I know! A feather plume!

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