Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Nicole

I always force myself to do many projects over the summer.
I actually got a lot done but.....I still feel lazy

The first project i worked on was two dresses and 3 ruffs that I designed drafted, cut, and sewed. I made them in anticipation for a Alice and wonderland themed party.

My dress is made of stretch netting with tiny flocked hearts all over. I appliqued leather hearts on the front and the back.

My sister's dress is made of a synthetic silk crepe. I appliqued black leather ace of spades.

Pierre and my friend both wore my ruffs. Pierre was styled by me. Hes wearing a ace, hearts and club print top, with a lobster brooch.

My next projects include my slight obsession with the fashion spot. This particular forum mimics project runway. Instead of sewing up designs, we just stick to illustrations. When you win you get to set the next challenge. Ive participated in a mood board + collection challenge, Mexico inspired, and Batman's joker children's wear. Out of all the challenges I personally like the mood board challenge(colonial barn ghost), because I REALLY got into it.

Colonial barn ghost


Joker child

This summer
I wish I had....
  1. made more clothing
  2. made leather collars
  3. executed one of the "colonial barn ghost" (entire middle outfit)
  4. carved wood into bird pins
  5. sold some of my work
Oh well, no one's perfect


Megan said...

you're cool!

Nataly R. said...

you are very very very talented girl!)


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