Sunday, August 10, 2008

The first day of my European Itinerary was Paris.
Pierre and I wandered like nomads, haunting the usual areas, since we both are retired Parisians (ahahahah). We met up with Pierre's friend and desipe colossal jetlag willingly galloped through a great photography exhibition, ate dinner, and then laughed ourselves to sleep by taking silly pictures and drinking fruity champagne.






Lion in Restaurant



I went to Kiliwatch to see the clothes and THE people I always search for.
I found these lovely girls who were shopping

This dress came from the beautiful shadows and light in Paris.

I am now in Helsinki heaven!!
I have to catch up
next post is Toulouse
If you want to be perfectly up to date, check out my flickr
Every night I will dump a load there


Elizabeth said...

Fun times!!! Super cute pictures :) Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. I talked to Jaquie today,and she said that she is mailing a package. I'm not sure if she is mailing the stuff you found for me or other stuff. Let me know if some of it is for Denean. Look forward to seeing more posts!! Love Mom

ldvnicole said...

Its for Denean you and me because she was terrified that we wouldn't make it home with these items in our luggage!!!

There should be all your magazines, a million petite Marseilles soap in ALL forms for you(one of the repetitions is for me because I HATE our de-spencer at home),one soap for washing clothes for me and two illustrations that are mine, and two sets of two lavender items for Denean and my other friend.

Peinture et autres said...

Kiss for you, from Avignon, France.


Anonymous said...

Did you make that dress in the third picture? I have never seen anything like that before, it is outrageously gorgeous!!

Don't mind me, i'm gonna be leaving multiple comments now.


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