Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minna Parikka

When I first found Minna's work, I almost passed out.
I was updating myself
like usual
scrolling down facehunter
and poof
Minna posing with one of her shell shaped bags (sigh).


I definately had a
"are you kidding me, a two tone shell shaped bag!!?%$#?"
kind of moment
I found her site and couldn't believe
shoes and handbags could be
well made
in our time period.

Once I read more about her in "New Arrivals 12 Finnish Fashion Designers"
it all became clear
she says
her "Inspiration comes from old clothes,
and all the times of the past,
when women were lovely.
All the colors in the photographs,
and the feeling, the feeling of old times"


various pictures from her website and others

I of course wanted to visit her.
I went to her newly opened shop
and felt a little
and nerdy
I think I unintentionally had
celebrity shock
luckily she recognized me
and said hello

I nerdily asked if I could take pictures of
her store
and herself

we chatted about
the shoes I chose

The whole time we talked
I observed
her adorable hair
perfect dress
perfect jewelry

She explained that she and her family
completely renovated
her little boutique filled with
That made me love her more.

Me + Minna

Store front Inside Key hole mirror Key hole again Minna

Buy her shoes and bags!!!

I know Ill adopt this pair next


Caitlin said...

Those are the COOLEST shoes I've ever seen in my life! I wish I had them right now! LUCKY!!!!

emsie said...
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emsie said...

i love that shell shaped bag. thanks for sharing - i must take a look at her site.

Emily @


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