Monday, August 11, 2008


Pierre's Mom and I basically lived in all the grocery stores and clothing stores of Toulouse.

She also made sure all of them knew this.

I found out malls can have shopping carts

I remembered french people smoke

and their antique fairs

should win metals.

I went into the mountains of Toulouse and swung on hammocks.


Boys seemed to know better than girls this year....

bought a jacket with this kind of zest

in this store

my coat is the middle one (green) I bought min in a purple.
ps its reversible

1930 shoes

random inspiration for clothing


I made a banana bushel pin before I left for Helsinki

Helsinki is my next post
(I have 4 more days left in Helsinki)
Since I have never been here
I will have a more in depth explanation of
culture, explanation, and experience.


Caitlin said...

I like the banana busshel, how you just whipped it up! : )

ldvnicole said...

THANK YOU!!! It was funny, I did it in like 10 mins and Pierres mom almost died, she when running through the the house sayin pas possible!! Pas possible!

Anonymous said...

So much texture in the pictures, loving it. And needless to say, all the outfit pictures are a pleasure for my eyes!


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