Tuesday, November 25, 2008

From the black forest

I put on my 
German vest
topped my head with a shell
and called it a day

IMG_1115 by you.
IMG_1114 by you.

I love adding little pulls to zippers
a few years ago
I obsessed about this constantly

IMG_1119 by you.

house pictures will happen
you have my word


riennahera said...

You're a magic creature!

cas ruffin said...

That is one crazy shell hat! Did you make that?

dearilou said...

The colors you use are amazing.

*Deline said...

those pink shoes are too cute to be true

Zita said...

Pink tights + pink shoes = LOVE!

niki said...

omg, did you get the muff with the doll from ebay last winter? i remember that listing!!!

ldvnicole said...

To riennahera thanks so much!

To cas ruffian no the hat is from the 1940's

To dearilou I live for colors

To deline and Zita isn't this particular pink the best shade?

niki yes I did, I was kinda sad because the stuffing was falling out when it arrived, oh well though, no biggy!

Pretty Pirate said...

wow, I love your collection of vintage. That vest is marvelous! You always look amazing, put together in such a awe inspiring way. I love coming to see you!

fröken lila said...

ohh, i just stumbled over your blog (you may thank painfully hip for that =) and i am amazed. it is fantastic and so inspirational! i'll sure be back to read more..

honey and lemon said...

great shoes

melly said...

THIS IS AMAZING! Unexpected pink little legs but i think apart from the vest, your legs really grabbed me :}


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