Tuesday, November 11, 2008

People I love

Artisits I would like to talk about

-To the artists
who surround me
and keep me going

Yi-Ling Tsou
fashion designer

Her hair cuts alone
are inspirational
she wears
little details
that kill me
and although she wears color
she also wears black
in quite genius way

she is soon to create her senior collection
and her current theme
seems to be hands



Tura Sugden
jewelry designer
"As an artist in metal arts,
I think it is really important
to be aware of where your metals are coming from,"
shares Sculpture student Tura Sugden.
"Radical Jewelry Makeover is making it possible
for more consumerdemand
in sustainable jewelry source materials."

My favorite piece yet:
speckled silver bracelet: soil
segmented silver bracelet: earthworm
yellow paper bracelet: worm food (compost)

IMG_9127 by you.

IMG_9132 by you.

Caitlin Mackey
(My sister)

"i have a big imagination, so i draw it"

She creates fairytale references

with wirey people

and big rosey cheeks

her wardrobe is amazing as well

check out her blog

DSCN2374 by transparent balloon.


Caitlin said...

AW thanks!!!!!!!! this made me smile when I saw it!!!!!

woodley park-zoo said...

Ah! So sweet that you and your sister are both so stylish and creative! I can only imagine what a great environment you must have grown up in together... I loved her halloween costume from your pics at the time!

The hand on that dress above... I wonder how she made that! Looks incredible! AAU or FIDM? Or AI? I went to AAU for a while... didn't finish though, blah.

Isabel said...

Wow, I love the headband that first fashion designer is wearing. And I adore your sister's blog, too!


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