Thursday, November 20, 2008

Decked out in 1930's

I havent yet given credit
to the 1930's

my whole wardrobe 
is made up of
1930's eccentric peices

I just got this 1930's hat
the crown is a heart shape
and there are wild
all over

I paired it with my
favorite 1930's top
that has stuffed doves 
around the collar

IMG_0704 by you.

These boots are not from the 1930's 
but I feel a deco vibe from the horse silhouette
anyway I thought I'd share these boots
they are my favorites
(and I'm wearing them)

IMG_0708 by you.


BRITTANY said...

stuffed doves?! horse boots?! LOVE IT

dearilou said...

Those boots are frickin amazing!
Oh my gosh.
But then, I'm kind a horse fiend. I'm totally wearing a horse necklace (that I've had since I was 10) at this very moment.

ldvnicole said...

To Brittany I know every time I pull out the shirt I thank the fashion gods that someone in the past knew exactly what I wanted.

To dearilou OH cute, yeah I have a bit of a horse (well animal) fetish myself!! ahha

andrea said...

Wowowowowowow. I faved you on etsy; I can't wait to see what other items emerge from the forest!!! Those stuffed doves are amazing and THOSE BOOTS. Dang.

tarnishedsilver said...

I really love all your outfits. Your style is so inspiring. And refreshing.

Pretty Pirate said...

That shirt is too amazing, wow. I love the details that went in to making clothing back in the day. It was so much more intricate. I guess you can find things that are today but unless you make them yourself, they are a bit expensive for the average lady. Glad you posted again, I was missing your style! :)

Brooke Alexandra said...

You give me such inspiration, your blouse is to die for!

Nicole said...

Those boots are amzing. Simply amazing.

razielle said...

you are so inspiring :)

woodley park-zoo said...

I saved a pic from Copenhagen Street Style recently just because the girl had a hat with sort of wire-stiff curlicues emanating from it. Your hat is like that hat but THE NEXT LEVEL.
And of course all the other components in this outfit are equally (or even MORE) freaking fantastic. My goodness, you are art!

chelsea said...

Your style is one of my favourites in blogland, never know what's coming next.

Eyeliah @ said...

Your fashion choices have already shown is your locvw for the 30s, don't worry about that.

Twinkie said...

Gasp! Shut your mouth! The collar on that shirt knocks . . . my . . . socks . . . off. You were made for each other.

FashionSqueah! said...

Those boots are the coolest thing I have ever seen, seriously! Char x

april said...

oh! sigh.
I'm kinda speechless at the moment.

Rhiannon said...

You find the best accessories. I found a hat just like that at the antique store, but when I tried it on I looked so silly. It looks fantastic on you, though!

trishhunterfinds said...

Boots....... my god.

M said...

i would love to see a full-length shot of the blouse- truly amazing and, in my vintage searches, i've never seen anything like it.

Isabel said...

Wow, those boots and birds are amazing. You find the most whimsical pieces.

Ulla said...

Spiffy Style! esp. those doves!

Anonymous said...

those boots are fabulous!


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