Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Around the house

I forgot that I had posted 
actually in my first post ever 
about my place when I first moved in

Part of my enormus brooch collection
as you will find
there are many people
and plants

IMG_1158 by you.IMG_1154 by you.IMG_1159 by you.IMG_1160 by you.IMG_1156 by you.IMG_1155 by you.IMG_1157 by you.

another portion of my closet

IMG_1147 by you.


IMG_1149 by you.

winter favorites

IMG_1162 by you.

summer favorites

IMG_1163 by you.

cat phone
click on pic
to see the face

IMG_1146 by you.

bathroom ode to perfume

IMG_1144 by you.

side wall images 
framed image made by me
victoian callendar, yep you guessed it victorian

IMG_1131 by you.

rabbit mask on the wall

IMG_1138 by you.

some amazing needlework 
that needs a circle frame
IMG_1133 by you.

I love my bed
but only when its done up
she will have to wait

outfit of the day
printed moon dress
moon pin
30s hat

IMG_0766 by you.
IMG_0744 by you.


AlicePleasance said...

Animal jewelry is one of my many addictions too ;-) That hat collection is to die for!!!

trishhunterfinds said...

I dont think I can read your blog any more.
It brings out so many forms of jealousy at levels I have never ever encountered before.
It just hurts too much.
I hope you understand.

I might have to take today off work after reading this one. I feel a heart break coming :(

Pretty Pirate said...

that framed picture is so reminiscent of Henry Darger's work, It's great. and Again, your collection is stunning.

*Deline said...

i'd die for this pinkfloydnecklace!
your blue and orange outfir rocks (as usual)!

chelsea said...

I agree, i am too jealous. Especially as a currently poor hat obsessive.

Eyeliah @ said...

I'm so glad you ended up taking these pics. I did a similar post here:
But my collection is miles smaller, lol.

andrea said...

Godddd you are so amazing. Every post BLOWS MY MIND.

Vasiliisa said...

Amazingness overload!
That cat phone...ZOMG.

Abby said...

I love your style :]
and this makes me feel better about having a colorful and crowded closet. I keep getting "the look" from my boyfriend when I bring home more clothes....

Olivia said...

I love Henry Darger.

Green Eden Vintage said...

I just found your blog through your photo on Painfully Hip... I was gonna comment here telling you how much you were rocking that dirndl, but now I have to say I am even more impressed with your vintage hat styling!

StrikeMatch said...

Oh wow! I love your super large flamingo brooch and your flamingo necklace! You have such an amazing collection...

Zita said...

I would love to borrow from that brooch collection. amazing

Isabel said...

Wow, that is a plethora of brooches and they are all so whimsical and beautiful! Everything you own seems quite whimsical in the best way possible. :)

Amelia said...

Wow, your style is very unique, got to love that. :)


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