Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Daisies on an adult size Lenci doll skirt







I have talked about how I look like Lenci dolls here
Since I have the same body type and face hahah
I thought I would take tips and hints from the dolls themselves!!
With the skirt above I can now officially style a Lenci - esque outfit!!
I also found a hat (will be in a future winter post)
I also recently won a Lenci doll purse on ebay which will go nicely with above hat!

Look at the felt flowers and scallops on the edge of the skirt and hats below!
The designer of my skirt must have loved lenci dolls as much as I do!

Outfit details:

Skirt: Late 1940s ~ from: bluemoon ahhh look how the daisy petals are all over!  It kills me!
Crochet top: 1930s crochet net with crochet berries
Shoes: 1960s A gift from hellosweetmarie
Purse: 1950s figural frog wicker purse
Hair flowers and bows: millinery scraps


AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Aw, so super cute. You should wear little socks and mary janes too. It's funny how similar you look to a little doll.

Jennifer Rubin said...

I am so glad you got that skirt. It looks beautiful! And you do look like a little doll! xoxo

Thriftaholic said...

I'm always amazed at the whimsical and unique pieces you manage to come across-- especially the animal purses! At first I thought you had designed the skirt based on the doll you saw-- it's even more special to learn that it's a vintage piece, can you imagine what this girl's wardrobe must have been like??

ps said...

another amazing look,adored the skirt

Hannah said...

That skirt is adorable x

Gem said...

you have my two favourite colours going on in this outfit! love it!

Shannon Richter said...

Oh man, the details in this outfit are amazing! I miss seeing all your different outfits at school. I love all the flower-y bits on this one and the colors are perfect.

Ashley/MILK TEETHS said...

The little daisy detailing on the skirt is too, too good! It makes me want to add some fun little bits and bobs to my plain jane skirts :)

Maryvannote said...

this KILLS ME!!!!! That crochet top with little berries is so crazy good. we have to go back to japantown pronto and make good on our initial pika pika training.

Cassidy said...

I adore that

Cassidy said...

Oh oops! I clicked sent before I meant to! I adore this outfit :) You look absolutely wonderful my dear.

Emily said...

oh my! you really do look like that doll!! i love it!

Nicole Eymard said...

 Where is your link? you dont seem very happy.


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