Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magical yet horrifying easter Bunny Peter rabbit...Bohemian Bisoux dress


Above: my sister and I dealing with the surreal and creepy, yet amazing situation!
(I remember the giant hand creeping me out)
This easily could have turned into a David Lynch Scenario:
















Dress: 1940s ~ From:  Bohemian Bisoux Vintage
Hair flowers: 1930s millinery scraps
Belt: Made by me
Eyeshadow: Mixed by me with Aquarelle from Make up for ever

PS All arrangements towards the end are by my mom
PPS Happy Easter!



What happened with the flamenco dress???
Are u ok???

erin (calivintage) said...

ok, keep in mind that some of these are kinda lame, but i think you would really like this: http://sketchybunnies.failblog.org/

so many creepy bunnies!

p.s. you look awesome as usual!

Crystal Lee said...

living dolls! your make-up is always so inspiring.

Thefashionturd said...

yellow bow + yellow eye combo is just wicked..might have to 'borrow' it x

Shannon Richter said...

love that you added in lynch's rabbits!

easter is so surreal.

Nicole Eymard said...

Hehe thanks!

Nicole Eymard said...

I like the second and the third!

Nicole Eymard said...

It is isn't it? In France, instead of giant rabbits they have flying bells that sprinkle candy into peoples houses! Both are probably drug influenced victorian ideas!

Jennyboo said...

The two prettiest ladies around! The easter bunny pic may be my new favorite picture of you EVER. Wish you could have made it on Sunday, but your Easter festivities look like fun. I get back on Sunday evening. Let's hang out next week???! xoxo

kzspygv said...

I have to say it - you and your sister are just BEYOND gorgeous and sexy! I love the makeup, as always.

Sewon said...

You guys are gorgeous! Also, I love that photo of you and your sister next to that bunny. Frightening but adorable!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Oh, you two are just the vision of Easter. Super sweet. I love the picture of you in the rocks. Super cute. And hello awesome eye makeup.
ps I agree with Jenny, drinks are in order next week.

Nicole Eymard said...

Wow thanks!

Maryvannote said...

SO beautiful!!! That picture with the easter bunny is amazing. And that dress fits you PERFECT. lovely lovelies.

Theatticpeople said...

Looks like a fun easter. Your dress is beautiful. Can't beleive the size of that rabbit!

melina bee said...

that first picture is hilarious, you look totally creeped out. both you and your sister are gorgeous although you look very different. your mom must be proud!

Emily said...

your dress is too amazing! kind of reminds me of this purple dress im wearing right now.

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