Sunday, February 27, 2011

11 of 12 we love colors "Plaid, 1 cat, and 2 ducks"










If you missed my shpeal about the 12 days of We Love Colors
Please read this post---> 12 days of We Love Colors explained

My outfit:

Suit Jacket: 1980 suit ~ From: Thrift Town
Dress: 1940s tucked purple wool with wooden duck buttons
Hat: 1940s looped purple crinoline Torso Vintage
Shoes: 1980s
Brooch: 1940s, stuffed leather cat brooch, white fur tail, embroidered face

Lilac TightsHunter Green Tights
        Gloves/Lilac              Tights/Hunter green


Rebeccak said...

I love green and purple together - and both look great on a red-head! Also seriously loving the hats you pull off. I think I could use some inspiration to be a little more daring in the hat department!

Thriftaholic said...

I never would have thought of mixing purple & green together but it came together great. The oversized blazer is a fun contrast to the dainty 40s dress and hat.

Do you have a picture of the brooch? It sounds snazzy!

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

That purple on you looks so good with your hair and your lipstick. I love it! XOXO

3maigloeckchen said...

i love it!

Sacramento said...

I think I love this outfit the best on you. Love colourssssssssssssssssssss.

Caroline said...

Wowww, the buttons! I want birdy buttons! The hat is really cool too :D xxx

Helgavontrollop said...

I just showed my man your blog for the first time,and I think he's become more of a fan that I already am!!! He is extremely impressed with your bags,and loves how you put colours together.

Maria said...

Wow! You are so quirky and whimsical, I love your blog, very unique! I'm following, would love for you to follow me! xx

Mary said...

I love the colors in this outfit...all the different shades of purple and green together. You must make people smile/happy everywhere you go.


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