Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1 of 12 days of We Love Colors tights and gloves









We Love Colors has the best colors and quality of tights.
All of my solid opaque colored tights come from We Love Colors

They have a wide selection of other items including their elbow length and wrist length gloves!

During this week and the following week, I will show a variety of styled outfits 
Which showcase the gloves and tights in my favorite color combinations.

For some, colors are hard to choose online, or pairing together in general, so let me do the work for you!!

Each post will include the color name on the We Love Colors  website...

At the end of 2 weeks
I will be doing a giveaway
With 2 chances to win!!!!!
The giveaway is a collaboration between We Love Colors and Fashion Forestry, 
Which means decorated elbow length gloves!!!


Coat: 1960s from Bohemian Bisoux
purse: 1950s cat purse
Hair bow: Jersey fabric scrap
Shoes 1960s dalmatians

We love colors items:
Peach TightsScarlet Red Tights

     Gloves/Peach              Tights/Scarlet red


Misfits Vintage said...

Fantastic - I love welovecolors too but I keep buying the same boring two shades because I don't know which colours to order - we are so spoilt for choice! So I will be very happy to see which colours you love!

And I LOVE your red coat.

Sarah xxx

Jenni said...

Good idea--the shades on the website are a little different from the actual tights, so it can be kind of a crap shoot. Love this outfit! It's so Valentinesey!

Ashley said...

ooh fun! i love welovecolors! and your outfit is so rad - i love the red on red! i'm looking forward to your upcoming posts...and the contest! :)

Rebeccak said...

You are stunning... you look like a doll!! I also can't believe how perfectly those reds match - like it was all made that way.

Hillary said...

This outfit is just too awesome, that kitty is the coolest bag I've ever seen!

Laura said...

cutest outfit!
i love your style!!
i am following! :)


Helga! said...

Noice advertising!!
You look fab!!
I adore We Love Colors COLOURS,however,I find their sizing to be a bit Asian-namely TOO SHORT!!! But not on all colOUrs,funnily enough.Just the white ones(which I desperately wanted)and the emerald green.Whatever.In NZ beggars can't be choosers.
I like Sarah BEST!

sacramento said...

You know how much I love colors.
Mil besos.

Poppycock! Vintage said...

I'm a crazy cat lady, so of course I'm dying over that cat purse!

Anonymous said...

oh my! LOVE this outfit!!! you look so gorgeous!

April said...

LOVE!! red is so perfect!

mary van note said...

love this outfit! love love the coat to pieces.

Vintage Seen said...

I don't think anyone does colour quite like you!

Mia said...

just please don´t jump from those stairs! we will miss your blog =D

pearls from Ghent


Anonymous said...

beautiful shades of redness...you are reminding me of Mary Pickford!

Gabby said...

I cannot say enough about your fashion sense. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Tea For Two said...

Seriously inspiring stuff. You make me want to rip open my wardrobe and start something.


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