Friday, February 25, 2011

10 of 12 we love colors "cardinals, a race horse, and an ostrich"









If you missed my shpeal about the 12 days of We Love Colors
Please read this post---> 12 days of We Love Colors explained

My outfit:

Cape: 1960s  woven cardinal bird ~ From: clever nettle
Dress: Chinatown
Shoes: 1940s white ostrich
Hat: 1940 fur hat with a face...
Purse: 1950s wicker horse

Gloves/red           Tights/brown


melina bee said...

girl, you blow me away with your amazing ensembles. the first photo looks like a painting, so beautiful.

Nicole Eymard said...

Aww shucks ;)

janine at honey hi vintage said...

holy moly that is a REALLY amazing hat. also i am pretty into this creature overload you have going on. speaking of creature comforts i recently bought this 40s millinery WONDER:
but then i wore it to a party and when i danced in it a lot of the feathers fell out . SAD.

Ashley said...

the heck, that horse purse is so cool! and I'd say you're the queen of posing, Miss Jay on ANTM would be proud ;)


Elizabeth said...


Thriftaholic said...

Wow, I love all your bold statement pieces! Especially the hat & the wicker purse. Looks like it would be a fun outfit to wear to the races.

Gem said...


Ilovebettyandjune said...

My gosh, you look fabulous! Did I mention your purse is to die for? Lovely, lovely lovely!

Sacramento said...

So funny, so creative, so dear, dear Nicole.
Mil besos.

Ashley said...

That cape is so amazing! I love this outfit!

Funkyfondledandfresh said...

I love your eye makeup here!

3maigloeckchen said...

OMG, best outfit ever ever ever!

Caitlin said...

AWWW, you look really cute, I like your eyeliner!

April said...

favourite! favourite! favourite!
that raccoon hat is so good!

Jess said...

Pretty much the best fur hat ever! And I love the whole ensemble, made especially effective with your eyeliner.
I just updated my last post with another dress.....I was staring at it for ages trying to think what it reminded me of, then it hit me...William Morris of course! And yes the spiderweb/dew sleeves are a thing of beauty! I can't believe you are moving to England,I think you'll love London. I live an hour or so away from London, but if I'm ever in the city I'll let you know xxx

noelvallens said...

this outfit is...spectacular! oh my. i just reblogged you; it's so perfect.


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