Monday, November 1, 2010

Luncheonette Vintage giveaway! ****Entries closed!****

Luncheonette has theee best vintage selection of clothing, appliances and housewares.  
Her shop has a very rockabilly/camping/picnic/western/farm/rodeo/forester/cozy feel to it. 
Each time I visit I'm tempted.  
Very dangerous!  
Right now she is having a 20% preholiday sale 
so your $50 gift certificate is worth gold!!!
Enter now, entries are closed next Monday Nov. 8

Here are my rockabilly/camping/picnic/western/farm/rodeo/forester picks (Ahh I want everything)

vintage 1950s SWEETIE PIE box keychain

vintage 1960s CHAMPALE wiggle dress with lace bodice, L XL

vintage 1960s CINNAMINT beaded cocktail dress, L XL

vintage 1940s MARTINI peplum dress

vintage 1960s APPLE PIE kitchen curtains

vintage antique tole painted sad iron

vintage 1940s COOKOUT mens cardigan in argyle

vintage 1970s raccoon hooked rug

antique 1900s FARM SUPPER quilt, farmhouse vintage

vintage 1980s handpainted serving tray, Russian

vintage 1920s PARLOR TEA brocade doilies

vintage 1950s fox collared coat. Large.

vintage 1970s PINK PICNIC thermos. Eco friendly and retro alfresco. Insulated drink carrier. Hot or cold.

vintage FRIED OREOS rodeo cowgirl shirt by Rockmount

vintage 1980s OREO maryjanes. Garolini, size 7, vegan vintage.

vintage 1960s garden party scarf

Luncheonette's shop title gives me so many festive ideas, Im hoping you will post your luncheon, cooking, picnic,diner, eating anywhere,  or grocery store outfits!!

***Entires closed***
To enter:

1) How you are following me
2) Where you linked this competition, whether its on your blog, facebook, or twitter. (more of these gives you extra entries)
3) Post your luncheon, cooking, picnic,diner, eating anywhere,  or grocery store outfits!!

Good luck!

Stay tuned to tomorrow's Halloween pics!  
My party and Mary's party...


Tara Jeles said...

I'm following you through google friend connect. Love so many things that you picked out...great site :)

Heather Fonseca said...

If I bring one more thing into my wardrobe it's going to explode, but I really do love the antique iron and the printed scarf. Beautiful stuff!

mary van note said...

OMG... those curtains would look so good in Ben's kitchen. LOVE!

-I follow you everywhere, darling.
-I posted the giveaway on Twitter
-my picnic outfit:

sacramento said...

I follow you everywhere: facebook and google. You are in my heart...
I will post it in my next post blog today.
Un abrazo.
Do you think I will ever win anything????????????? he, he, he.
Un abrazo y mil besos guapaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Moni said...

I am in love with the heart charm but my bank balance isn't.
Im so old fashioned I only do Facebook under my real name, which isn't the thing to do anymore.
1. I have posted about you on my blog
2. This is the perfect picnic outfit because I own it.

Andi Rockz & Roxy! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andi Rockz said...

I follow your blog by checkin it daily at my boring office-job! I love your blog and think you are so cute, funny, and smart. I'm going to post about this contest on my facebook and here is a pic of me during my 1956-Themed Thanksgiving! :)

Ninja Panda said...

1.) Blog follower via GFC

2.) Tweeted:!/Jackie_Lopez/status/29550714479

3.) My picnic outfit:


Lauren E. said...

Hello Darling!

1) I am following you on Facebook & Google :)

2) I linked this on my Facebook page for Bohemian Bisoux Vintage

3) my perfect picnic dress, complete with autumn colors & an oversized collar:

paired with these kicks:

Fingers crossed I win! I have an eye on some of those drop-dead gorgeous high waist shorts in the shop :D

Sophi said...

Following you on Bloglovin!

Posted a link on my twitter...!/sophinewman

and this is my picnic outfit!

. said...

can't wait to see who wins. looking forward to wednesday!

a big piece of pie for fashion forestry!

from the kitchen at luncheonettevintage,



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