Friday, November 5, 2010

Glamorous Karaoke photo shoot with Ashley

See more cute pictures of Ashley and I here

Im wearing:
Dress: 1980, feather hem from Om again vintage
Hat: feather poufs and felt flowersfrom a specialvendor at the vintage expo
Shoes: Avant Garb
Cat purse: 1950s wicker cat purse from my legacy
Feather Owl brooch:  Originally a two part millinery piece for a Victorian hat
Nailpolish: From YSL


Anonymous said...

what a maaaaaaaavelous dress you're wearing!! i can't handle the two of you together, it's just too much fabulousness!! ;)

mary van note said...

Show them legs, sexy!!!! That dress is so HOT and glam! I love the owl brooch you wore with it.

A Glamorous Way of Thinking said...

Wow fabulous accessories.

Valiant V said...

aw thats my favorite karaoke bar. my brother had his wedding reception there. (i recognized it from the flower shop on the ground floor in one of pics haha)

Helga! said...

O,that frock!That kitty wicker!!Those legs!! Tutu divine!

zink said...

Whoa, cat purse!!! You are so amazing.

Love_Again said...

shoes and purse envy. to the extreme. you two are gorgeous!

Che Continua said...

Thank you!
I enjoyed my dream.
I've wished upon a star it would come true.
We will see,... it might take some time...
Love your blog! So much personality!

sacramento said...

You look really glamourous. I adore your shoes.And everything about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hannah, heart city said...

you guys are too adorable! your purse is amazing.

harps said...

ahh I love the owl! I have a thing for owls, and in black feathers too. he is a beaut!


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