Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of New York Par1 of 2

Brooklyn Williamsburg

I met the lovely 
Ashley Soliman
With her incredible taste, and the best sense of humor, 
I couldn't help but have the best time vintage shopping, and wandering about NY


I was so happy to see Olivia again!!  
I love hanging out with her!!!
Hope to see you soon Olivia!

Olivia told me I HAD to visit this place...So happy I did!!

Go visit, if you haven't already!

New post tomorrow: Part 2 of 2 last day in NY:
Evening with Alley (above), Hannah, and Landon


sacramento said...

You are an absolute source of inspiration to me: that outfit, the two birds, the wonderful people, the food, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. My mind is already blown.
MIS PAPELICOS is been featured in VOGUE Turkey, how grand is that????????????????

ELSA said...

I agree with "Sacremento"...and that store is so cool...Ill buy everything once I visit America!

cb said...

that dress you are wearing is AMAZING! i love it! anthropologie has a similar pattern like that and it was way out of my price range...at first i thought it was that dress because it was also pigeons...i have dress envy right now!


Fashion Forestry said...

Sacramento: Thank you, you are too kind as usual!

Elsa: I know! That store is way too magical!

cb: Haha anthropologie always copies vintage prints! ahha this dress is from the 1960s, dont worry Im sure you can find another one on ebay for a fraction of the price! Thanks anyway :)

gee said...

ooh my..i am always in awe of your vintage clothing.
BUT this dress is AMAZING!!! after looking at the whole post i went back and looked again and noticed that the dress was a bird pattern. i am in love.

Caroline said...

Eeee, that shop! It's a dreamland, i love it, i could spend ages looking through all that!! Your bird brooches made me wow too :D xxx

ashley said...


i'm so happy you took photos, i know i said i don't like taking photos but i'm always happy afterwards that other people do!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

I LOVE YOU! Finally someone who wears colour too! You are amazing, i love your bird broaches. Or are they apart of your dress? regardless they are beautiful.

Paolina Alexandra
check me out!


Olivia said...

come back!!

Ari said...

You have amazing taste and style.

Ari Seth Cohen


Fiona Timantti said...

I love that hat of yours! And Obcura atiques look amazing...

LincolnTaft said...

I;m heading to Obscura for my birthday on Sunday. I'm so excited.

I;m still stuffed from that Artichoke dip...

Jenni said...

That store looks like heaven on earth. I am in love! Are those bird brooches you're wearing? They're awesome!

Joanna said...

AMAZING! I love your bold sense of style...you're quite inspiring

+ that shop looks incredible

Anonymous said...

I fucking LOVE you. Calivintage tumblr-ed you last week & I just can't stop adoring your mad FAB. Patterns! Vintage! Color! YAY!!!

sonia mae said...

the vintage store is amazing! i have been wanting to get a baby skull of some sort and the one pictured in a glass case, oh my i want. i luv anatomy and physiology.

i luv the colors on ure dress.

Autumn Luciano said...

That is probably one of the coolest stores i've seen photos of. I could seriously live in there.

Ana Rolka said...

OMG I almost bought those amazing pink and green shoes at Beacon's Closet! I would have if they hadn't been too big. I'm so excited we noticed the same ones :)


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