Sunday, November 7, 2010

Loving gold, flapper wigs, Victorian braided hair mourning bracelets, and medieval/church treasures/relics

If ANYONE has found or wants to sell one of these 1920s wigs, I need and want one badly!! 
Email me at if you have found or own one of these charmers for me :)))

1920s party wig:

Victorian Mourning hair bracelets:

Religious/Medieval Treasures

Cant wait to make a collection out of the above!!

Off  to the Alameda flea market!!!!!!


the snail and the cyclops said...

AH! Nicole! Don't go to Alameda!
I was there at 7 and it was the most miserable experience ... maybe only 20 vendors and crazy crazy wind/rain!!

Unknown said...

Beautifull concepts. I agree with you, the hair is cool.

mispapelicos said...

I am looking forward to see what you do with them once you find them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those wigs are fantastic. no more bad hair days! and it seems that one of these wigs could double as a helmet too!

Love_Again said...

i love mourning hair jewellery. those wigs are amazing too, i have never seen any before.

Mandy Paige said...

What a coincidence that you should do a post about braided hair bracelets I was searching for some over the weekend. I have a serious affinity for Victorian mourning jewelery! I just adore it!

The gold wig is MAGNIFICENT.

LincolnTaft said...

mourning bracelets! beautiful

dirtbike said...


amy lauren said...

I just found this photo:

Thought you would appreciate this beauty!


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