Monday, October 19, 2009

sneek peek of my final collection

Yes Im alive
My final collection will
kill me

the fashion gods
were giving away my secrets
I will only show
inspirational pictures
without explanations

Fall 2010

sshot-353 by you.

sshot-351 by you.

sshot-356 by you.
sshot-371 by you.

sshot-364 by you.

sshot-349 by you.
sshot-355 by you.

sshot-348 by you.

sshot-375 by you.sshot-376 by you.

sshot-429 by you.

sshot-463 by you.

sshot-421 by you.

sshot-527 by you.

sshot-374 by you.

sshot-346 by you.


Anonymous said...

that is wise to keep it secret, and great inspirational photos!

Lightning Heart said...

ooooh i can't wait to see it!
great pictures!

mary van notes said...

God, these photos are great. I can see how they could inspire you. I can't wait to see what you create.

Isabel said...

Clear plastic needs to make a comeback.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I see sun strokes, rhythmic waves, red hot lobsters, murder and love! You will create something exciting and sexy and sensual and original.

Heidi said...

Wonderful inspiration! Just wanted to let you know that I havn't forgotten about the hat.. I'll be going to the States for a mini vacation thursday I will be back in two weeks. I'm hoping to buy a camera there so I can take some pictures of the hat so you can see it.
Best wishes on your collection!

Aline said...

I'm a reader of your blog for months now and I just want to wish you a lot of success with your final collection. I'm amazed by your creativity and originality each time you post an article. You really stands out (hope this expression is correct in english) and have a fabulous personal universe !

Aline from Switzerland

calivintage said...

ooh! this is exciting inspiration! can't wait to see!

LincolnTaft said...

I use to have a fiddler crab as a pet. He was a dream boat. Good luck with sleep less nights. I'm sure all the hard work will pay off.

finance jobs said...

Wow! I love the inspired sea creatures’ collection. Especially the last photo, it’s very beautiful.

boracay island Philippines said...

Beautiful collection, I love it.

frauz said...

I love these. Can't wait to see your collection in stores someday.

Coco said...

I cannot wait to see your collection!

I have been reading your blog since the summer and love all your wonderful unique pictures, treasure outfits and designs!

You are truly an inspirational artist with a amazing eye!



Natalie Creed said...

Oh my gosh that bath picture is amazing. Can't wait to see your work. I've just finished my final knitwear collection.. have a look see..


hannah and landon said...

cannot wait!


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