Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look at me being a guilty fashion geek

I had to buy it

I waited until fashion week was over to wear it

Trying to hide with my new fall coat

wore it with this purse to be geekier
(if that was possible)

Proof of being a fashion geek/victim

a nerdy costume I made in 2 seconds for Clementine

She is not happy!

she is saying
no mommy stop trying to make me a fashion victim like you

oh the guilty pleasures in life!


Isabel said...

I think it's pretty rad that you paired the gator dress with the gator purse. I'd probably do the same thing, except I don't own a purse like that (or the Kane dress for that matter).

Kiev said...

Fashion victim-pisha! Looks like you're the one giving typical fashion a kick in the pants, and it works! This dress goes better with your aesthetic than with that of most people I've seen it on.

P.S. GEM of a blog.

hannahbelle said...

that shirt is hideous in a good way. I love it on you! also, adorable doggie costume :D

Eline said...

Your dressed up dog is completely amazing! *_*

Jasmin said...

Ah finally! I read your blog once ages and ages ago, but then I somehow lost the link and have been scouring the net to find it again. And now, by chance, I stumbled upon it again. Yay! I love your style and the things you create - you have such an eye for a really quirky beauty I can't even describe. Like what your dog is wearing :D

dirtbike said...


White Lightning said...

i have a gator bag just like that! it was my grandmothers, it is so dope. people look at you like yr craze when you wear it tho!

i love yourblog, btw. i creep on it all the times.

Anonymous said...

Ungrateful dog... i think you rock that dress, but the alligator baby bag is awful -sorry

calivintage said...

you have the best vintage pieces ever. i'm pretty sure i've already said that before. but seriously? crazy good purse!

Brooke Alexandra said...

Aw what a stylin pup!

Amy said...

I bought the dress too, but I kind of hate it on me. :(

smilla said...

oh wow, you really are special...what a dress!
and this cocodile handbag... we used a very similar one in a film some years ago, lending it from a private person. That was totally stunning for the character we took it for.( bad... I was no fake...)


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