Thursday, October 8, 2009

The outfits you have been missing

Although this semester has dampened my spirits
(I never thought I would be effected in this way)

My repressed wishes still try to come out

I am reminded by my subconcious about:

shoulder brooches
fur accessories
Deciding to live in
New York (ONLY if I can work for Marc Jacobs)

Maybe someone can
help with moving insites

my thoughts should only be on my final collection

1929 spider web dress
1960 schiaparelli hat
1950 spider brooch

IMG_6133 by you.IMG_6132 by you.IMG_6128 by you.IMG_6130 by you.

Lion earring come back with a partner in crime
shoulder brooch lion
ruby red 1940s dress
1940s hat

IMG_5979 by you.IMG_5986 by you.IMG_5992 by you.IMG_6005 by you.


calivintage said...

oh holy shit! i have never seen a shoulder brooch before. that thing is amazing.

Ms. B said...

I've never seen a shoulder brooch either! Yay! A new vintage term to search for!

Frollein von Sofa said...

incredibly adorable accessory, that shoulder brooch ! thanks for posting it ! frollein von sofa

harps said...

that first hat is sublime. in fact, the whole outfit is great

Isabel said...

I've never seen a shoulder brooch like that before. It's so cute!

Shannon said...

look at you in yr schiaparelli.

yeah sure, go ahead and rub it in...

elena-lu said...

hmm shoulder brooch why have i not known about these?!
and dude schiaparelli love for sure! swoon!

Spardha Malik said...

how great is that shoulder Brooch!! and also I love the way you do up ur eyes!! really gorgeous.

Olivia said...

you can't move to paris right after i've just moved out! you should move to new york.

cerize said...

oh girl I love your style! the first outfit is perfect, I love the dress and the hat :) "Green is the colour"! bisou..


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