Friday, October 9, 2009

I dont know if Im being completely neurotic but...

The collections this season
are making me feel personally violated

I feel like each designer
sent a spy
on a bussiness trip
into my
sketch books

I feel sure that when a designer takes a trip down "appliqué land" I feel threatened...

I think this really means
I am REALLY ready for a job

My shirt
My different hair colors show
how long Ive had it
starting with today:
(I saw the miu miu collection after putting this on today, and the runway photos were put up over night!!!)

IMG_6205 by you.IMG_6201 by you.IMG_6206 by you.IMG_6210 by you.IMG_0704 by you.IMG_0683 by you.

Miu Miu

I ususally look up to Prada as she (was) my god of fashion
untouchable even

now I feel cheated, almost as if I deserve to work with her

oh well Im completely dramatic

and here is Parada's Miu Miu collection

sshot-103 by you.sshot-110 by you.sshot-95 by you.
sshot-97 by you.sshot-101 by you.

the colection starts to veer off
but still
sshot-106 by you.sshot-133 by you.
sshot-126 by you.sshot-115 by you.sshot-139 by you.sshot-143 by you.sshot-144 by you.sshot-140 by you.sshot-137 by you.sshot-149 by you.sshot-155 by you.sshot-157 by you.sshot-158 by you.sshot-160 by you.sshot-147 by you.sshot-174 by you.

Of course I love it


What we four say said...

Wow, thats wild. I really love the last few photos and now that I am a old/crazy cat lady of corse the kitty print.

Your shirt is much more interesting!

melly said...

Wooo, now wow, it's almost like a carbon copy no doubt! Well you have every reason to feel neurotic about your reaction but I would prolly feel the same. Cosmic powers.

dirtbike said...


are you kidding me??!

if yr just being neurotic, then yr making me neurotic! that print is DEAD-ON. and the swallow bags??? wow.

what is happening this season?

look nicole, yr mind is already there, on that wavelength. just ride it out. keep doin' what yr doin' and it'll be FABOOSH.

elena-lu said...

totally think you've got such an awesome fashion style and love all the ways you take your outfits and i guess id feel kinda neurotic too! wow it really makes the point when you show your pics up with the closeups!

Ezmerelda Endora Enid said...

I don't blame you, Sweetie... our personal creative ideas are extremely delicate, and don't let what they may have (or may not have) stolen from you KILL yours... you brighten a lot of people, and creativity is mandatory for happiness (I think). Especially creativity as amazing as yours!!

Isabel said...

It's insane, how these designers are reading your brainwaves!

Anonymous said...

geezus loueeezus. This bothers me. It's all a little TOO close. Your particular aesthetic is fantastically unique...that's all a little TOO close, no?

Kelly-Ann Maddox said...

I'm a massive print whore. I adore your shirt, especially the way a couple of the birds look like they're flying around the collar. So cute.

Cassidy said...

It's a sign, I'm sure of it.

Flannery Crane Vintage Fashion said...

That really is uncanny!
But keep creating what you love.

BTW, the belt lover that I am, I love the one you are wearing! Yowza...

workhard said...

An upcoming desingner in the making

Sure of it...

Lise Charmel Jardins Intimes Collection

F3 said...

Thanks for dropping by :)

I understand where your fustration is coming from... BUT if you asked me, I would rather wear your vintage than buying the collection... first, RTW is way overpriced (I love the collection, but can't justify to paid thousands for clothings)

I love the brand since forever, I still do... but it shows no matter how big the designer is, they always have someone else as inspirations or copy..

regardless you rock it well! <3


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