Thursday, December 11, 2008

Huge "finals" post

Save the Amphibians
spring collection
by me

IMG_1506 by you.
IMG_1537 by you.IMG_1539 by you.IMG_1502 by you.IMG_1494 by you.IMG_1498 by you.
IMG_1474 by you.
IMG_1475 by you.
IMG_1470 by you.
IMG_1469 by you.
IMG_1476 by you.
IMG_1463 by you.

IMG_1464 by you.

"Using fabric scraps help prevent acid rain"
by me

possible designs

IMG_1513 by you.

possible techniques

IMG_1515 by you.
IMG_1517 by you.
IMG_1519 by you.IMG_1516 by you.

rain drop collar

IMG_1533 by you.
IMG_1534 by you.
IMG_1535 by you.

lantern sleeve

IMG_1523 by you.
IMG_1525 by you.

reversable collar 

IMG_1527 by you.
IMG_1526 by you.


Hippy Chic said...

Oh my, your designs are lovely!! Good luck with your finals..Are you selling anything you make???


Pretty Pirate said...

you are amazing! It's all so lovely. I hope you get a A++++

Caitlin said...

OMG i really like the shirt with the green and pink, with the little lizards!!!!!! that's cute, that girl put that picture of me! I have my finals too this week, i had my math one today! next week is my last, and Cyrous is cute! he hasn't met mom and dad, but oh well, hes coming over on SATURDAY! hehe!

trishhunterfinds said...

Your brain belongs in a museum.
No ordinary person, no, not even the most creative person can come up with designs like that.
You are going to go so far, and when you do, I'll be bragging "I used to comment on her blog"

chelsea said...

The sleeves and collars are lovely (I think i am growing a collar obsession). The raindrops look beaded from a distance.

Anonymous said...

one word: gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

You have been a busy beaver!! Great stuff, I love all of the designs you drew. When are you done with finals? I figured you were neck deep in projects,so that is why I haven't called you, I remember too well what that was like! Hope to see you guys soon.
Love Mommy

Isabel said...

Wow, you are completely amazing. Those designs are breathtaking and whimsical! I love them so much!

Eline said...

This is utterly fabulous! If you sell anything, let me know! I want it XD

Cassidy said...

I saw these shoes at Anthropology that reminded me of you, haha.
Awesome designs, they're all so beautiful!
I ecspecially love the reversable collar.

harps said...

I adore your blog, you and your blog are so much more interesting than 99% of the other fashion blogs out there. I just started my own blog, its nothing serious, just a bit of fun at the moment, I don't know what the blogger etiquette is but I put a link to you on my blog, I hope thats ok?! We may not have the exact same style, but we are similar in a few ways, specifically a love of hats and brooches! Your designs are great, if you feel so inclined, you can look at my blog here
Have a great Christmas, Jess.

Keri Hope said...

What a great collection, and even better that it's sending a message. Did you source from vintage for all of your fabrics? I'm toying with the idea of doing the same for my final senior collection.


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