Wednesday, December 17, 2008

salamandar leaves

I continued the amphibian theme 
from my design project 
into this outfit

Items that made it happen:

1940's fern dress
1/4 yard of fake fur fabric
1950 salamader pin
1930's grape ribbon

up close details

IMG_1605 by you.

ribbon detail

IMG_1583 by you.

fake fur detail

IMG_1586 by you.

upper outfit detail

IMG_1573 by you.


IMG_1564 by you.


Regan said...

beautiful, i always look forward to seeing your outfits.

ayoungpioneer said...


*Deline said...

gorgeous! one of my favourites.
looking forward to the next one... as always.

Isabel said...

Ooooh, sequin leaves! That ensemble is beautiful.

e. said...

you are amazing! i love love love it

Eyeliah @ said...

Love the salamander, looks like my lil leopard gecko who passed.

harps said...

ooh its dark and beautiful, love the grape ribbon!

Petite Ace of Spades said...

Gee ! I love your "jadite" tights !
Love it paired with black.

All the best from Paris,
x x x

Anna said...

Where do you find your beuatiful dresses?


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