Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Powder blue

I love the sound of
"powder blue"
If any product 
was named this 
I would buy it
no matter what it is

this outfit embodies
my love for this name

IMG_1668 by you.
IMG_1660 by you.
IMG_1662 by you.


chelsea said...

I would call that more 'dove grey'.
Similarly appealing in name.

It's funny how names can sway you, particularly with make-up and dyes. Usually the more far fetched the name the more you have to pay.

Pretty Pirate said...

Your sweater is really unique and matches the skirt so nicely. I love your shoes too!!

Kelly said...

You look fantastic in these pictures & the post before. I think it miiight be the colors. Or your hair. Or your lip color. I don't know, but it all works very very well together.

I check your blog about once a day & you give me MAJOR inspiration with my wardrobe. You've got me addicted, Nicole!

Stay Stylish.

megan said...

Powder blue! Reminds me of Marie Antoinette and all of her pastels.

megan / http://mallratcouture.blogspot.com

niki said...

that's a wonderful color combonation and i love your shoes! and jacket! and dress! actually i always love all of your outfits!

Cas Ruffin said...

Powder blue reminds me of a Johnson and Johnson product. It's a nice color too!

Isabel said...

You look beautiful in powder blue. It's such a soft and comforting clolour, much different from all this "studs/spikes/hardcore" stuff fashion has been all into lately.


love the look and the mix of colors!!


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