Saturday, December 27, 2008

Winter pebbles

I have noticed that
has gone further than
wonderful crafters

It now
has a large

I grabbed this 1960's hat
from graceantiques

My sister
did my makeup
incredibly perfect
for the following photos

IMG_1934 by you.

IMG_1929 by you.

IMG_1943 by you.
IMG_1907 by you.

Other items
I recently snatched

Green macaroonesque hat

1950's sweetheart neck/back with silver cording

Inspirational black bird

Hat, which will be a later ode to the spring 2009 Marc Jacobs line

Hat which completely leaves me speechless

Shoes that also leave me speechless


zana bayne said...

uhhhhhh those hats are AMAZING. god damn my big head & big hair.




*Deline said...

I love that black skirt as well and looove those black shoes! :)

Jackie said...

I have one of those fox neck things too. My grandmother gave it to me when I was 8.

chelsea said...

I don't know if i have said this before but I want to rummage through your hat please.

ayoungpioneer said...

i have similar shoes, but they lace up past the ankle.

harps said...

oh damn you look so good! especially love the skirt and tights, and the material of the shirt looks so nice...jealous!

megan said...

This all rocks... love your hat and your legs in the first pic!

megan /

The Domina said...

Those stockings are divine! Love the changing pattern.

Violet Folklore said...

funny, i was just wondering, has anyone noticed how many cool vintage clothes are on Etsy? i sell them there but oh i buy, i buy... your hats are divine, and those shoes are causing spasms of envy!!!!
xoxo Sasha

Park Bench said...

Hold on a second! Where in heaven's name did you find those stockings?!

I collect vintage beaded collars from etsy...and fly pins. I mean, yes, they're fly, but they also look like flies.

I mostly love this one:

It's not vintage now, but it will be!

ldvnicole said...

thanks everyone!

To chelsea: Ill do a hat post soon

To violet folklore: I sell on etsy too mine is
whats yours

To Park bench: I found them at Nordstrom, and those little fly items are pretty nifty!

Elena said...

And your tights leave me speechless! WHERE are they from?? They are better than Agent Provocateur's similar faux-thigh high lace tights.

Elena said...

Oops apparently you were already asked; thank you! ;)

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