Monday, December 1, 2008

Comme des garcons

My comme des garcons for H&M dress coat 
arrived this weekend
I definately deserved it 
since I waited in line at 3 in the morning 
only for someone to push me when I tried to grab for this little beauty

IMG_1346 by you.

IMG_1345 by you.


Anonymous said...

omg, somebody pushed you? animals! anyways your coat looks fabulous.

louise or valentine said...

i love your style and great coat!

i couldn't wait in line for comme des garcons, i went waaay after it had opened and went through some utterly slim pickings....

Anonymous said...

i think this is my first comment on your blog ever (i know, its shameful!)
and i just wanted to say, that YOU ARE AMAZIING
absolutely inspirational and just wow. thats all. WOW
you are wow

Lizzy said...

You have incredible style and that coat is so chic!

I want to copy your exact outfit and wear it with my gorgeous diamond earrings my fiance bought me from and feel like a fashionista when I go downtown with my girlfriends.

You're my new style inspiration and looking fierce!

cas ruffin said...


Congratulations! I'm really happy knowing that you got it. Those vultures had no mercy in that line.

It must have cost you a pretty penny.

Isabel said...

That coat is beautiful and it suits you perfectly!

Aurélie Muller said...

ton style est incroyable, j'aime beaucoup!


Cool coat!!

Penny said...

it's gorgeous! i admire anybody who actually queues up for these things, i am waaay too lazy!!!

chelsea said...

This is the only item from the collection that i was lusting after. *jealous*

Hippy Chic said...

the coat, outfit, and hat are just lovely. very very nice look.

violetville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
violetville said...

Hi Nicole! My assistant told me to message you regarding this lovely horse sweater we have listed right now. She said, "Fashion Forestry loves horses!" I can't find your direct email but here is the sweater ~ cheers, Tina


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