Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Parakeets are my ring tone













In the Grand Salon of my flat (hahah)

Outfit details:

Hat: 1940s yellow flower and brown felt flowers 
on brown raffia  TopTottieVintage (love this "local shop")
Coat: 1960s heavenly green 1 peace out of a full two piece dress suit!!! Found with Jen last year at a secret "magic thrift store area"  
Purse: Made and designed by me Nicole Eymard
Blouse: Found at a stall in Spitalfields Market
Shorts: Part of a two piece play suit 
seen in this post and this post
Shoes and socks: Primark AGAIN! Hahahah
Brooch: A 1960s stieff budgie/parakeet coverted into a brooch/pin (I have another in powder blue/aqua!!!!!!! 
I usually wear them together)
Belt: 1950s
Lipstick: purple color called intense lip gloss in fierce Illamasqua


Brittany Sherman said...

I love the idea of turning a bird into a pin. I always see those craft birds at the store and desperately want to buy them all! :P

Kelly-Marie said...

 This colour combination makes me want to eat you! That brooch! Seriously! I want one or three to wear in my hair. I don't think a post goes past when I am not drooling over something that you own. Flat is looking AMAZING. 

Rebecca Kummerfeld said...

Awww! Gorgeous! I used to have a pet Budgie - he was green and yellow too, I think you would have gotten along!

Nicole Eymard said...

Aww we talked him remember the one I had that would say "need a tissue" when he pooped!!

Nicole Eymard said...

ahah you are going to die when you see the indian princess party favors ahaha!

Nicole Eymard said...

There is going to be some 1960s and before indian deadstock going on!

Nicole Eymard said...

I love stieff anumals and wanted a way to have them with me all the time, I was like ahah duh!  I will just wear them!

Nicole Eymard said...

oops *animals ahha

ilovefilm85 said...

A delight to behold! x

Nicole Eymard said...


canadian pharmacy said...
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Lousylily said...

This outfit actually made me a bit sad. How am I ever going to create an outfit that could compare to this? I LOVE the jacket and mismatched floral shirt and shorts. Not to mention the pin, hat, and that coat again, damn the '60's were good.

Kelly-Marie said...

OMG!!!! I am sooooooo excited

thequeenofcarrotflowers said...

ahh I love a bit of Primarni :-)

Nicole Eymard said...

Hahah thanks!   Dont be sad! They were werent they!?  I love you 1960s!  


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