Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Art Gallery, Korean Grocery store, and friends

Pierre and Mary accompanied me 
to Oakland's Art Murmur
Its every 1st Friday of the month, 
Go check it out sometime!
The night's creative energy is so inspiring!

art by the amazing: Misako Inaoka..see more work here

Mary wore this collar from my shop!

Orange butterfly print collar

New vintage items in my shop!!!

Vintage 60's secretary dolly lolita navy and white embroidered novelty floral flower peter pan bow collar long sleeve dress mad men s mVintage whimsical kitch figural 1960s 60s does 1940s 40s matching Dachshund head shaped brown leather dog brooch pin earrings set
Vintage mod new wave blue and white 1980's 80's leather woven basket checker heels shoes Miguel Hernandes made in Spain size 8 usVintage early 1960s 60s late 1950s 50s floral novelty print 2 piece dress suit top blouse shirt mad men s m


Robyn said...

The picture of you two eating sandwiches on the curb is downright adorable.

calivintage said...

baaa! call me next time you're in oakland, lady!

Ashley Ording said...

Looks like fun... wish I had been there! But I was too busy celebrating with Victor, ahem. I wish that blue and white vintage dress was my size, I waaant it!

mary van note said...

Fun times!!!!

Jessica said...

The collar looks so beautiful and I adore your hat! x

Caitlin said...

is that the koreana plaza? LOL Cyrous and I go there all the time! You guys look cute! and I really like the butterfly collar!!!! I want one!

mispapelicos said...

You are my two biggest inspiration.Love , love , love everything!!!

Román Iglesias said...

heyyy ove that one hahah
u would enjoy an expo, here in Madrid

I have some pics in my blog

mispapelicos said...

The present I want from you:
One of those silly things that I would love and treasure.
Mil besos guapa.

mispapelicos said...

YeaHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH you made it. You have to be a round and important number. 200.
Thank you my drear friend!!!
Un abrazo y mil besosssssssss

meena meena said...

As i get older Halloween is one of the few holidays that retains its fun-ness. It looks like you and your's had a stellar time, as well! it's probably one of the only times having a closet full of costumes is practical..but who's concerned with that sort of stuff anyways.

I like you in these gold and orange and rust colors in this post and your most recent post. Your little cap reminds me of a pixie boy in a play or something, it's magical!


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