Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Phone stolen but florals and wicker horses make it better



















Despite my phone being stolen Pierre and I flounced around the Thames staring a little old ladies who were saving seats to see the queen pass by! 
 I am excited to finally post pictures of the lovely vintage headpiece 
my best friend Mary (who I miss dearly!!!) found on ebay and sent to me!!!  I love how the milliner was inspired by the Japanese Kanzashi flowers in the hair pieces, and how they mad them large scale!!!!!

Where: The River Thames
Photos taken by: Pierre Eymard

Hat: early 1940s late 1930s head piece with Huge Kanzashi-like flowers ! Sent by Mary 
Top: Topshop
Bra: early 1930s late 1920s bra with salmon jacquard ans buttons with button loops
Skirt: 1950s dirndl
Purse: Late 1950s early 1960s wicker figural horse purse with marble eyes

My new iphone of 2 weeks was stolen :(  I need to sell some vintage pretties, to get a new one!  
Below are some goodies I have listed today!  I will be listing some more tomorrow!:

Vintage Robins egg blue 1940s 40s 50s gown dress bow flowers rouleaux soutache embroidery WWII prom dress evening s m deco
vintage 1980's 80's 1990's 90's leopard animal print green black and tan top blouse shirt button up Rockabilly pin upVintage early 1960s 60s late 1950s 50s floral novelty print 2 piece dress suit top blouse shirt mad men s m

Only followers of my blog who tweet (and or face book, blog about) the new items in my shop can get free shipping on all orders over $70 in my shop worldwide!  Make sure to leave a comment here with links to your posts before purchasing!

Before you know it I will be back to polluting instagram in no time!


Crystal Lee said...

What an amazing head piece!! You look beautiful. Sorry to hear that your phone was stolen!

Carla Fox said...

Cool hat!  Was it originally a snood?  It looks like you could pile your hair into the netting in the back, like they did in the 1940's.

SACRAMENTO Amate said...

Sorry about your phone, but I am sure you will get a much nicer one.
Looking lovely as ever, my dear Nicole.

Eva said...

I love your skirt so much! Your flower headband/crown rocks my world! I'm sorry about your iPhone, that's so annoying! But I bet karma will repay you for your cooperation! 
Awesome blog, I'm following!

xx Eva

Nicole Eymard said...

yes it was originally a snood!  Good eye!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thank you!  It really is annoying after having it not even a week :(

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks :) It was the newest model  and my first 'fancy phone' unfortunately :( 

Nicole Eymard said...

Thank you!  Yes I hope so, and hopefully the person who stole the phone has a family to feed and this goes towards their food, clothing, and shelter ;)

Madeleine Rettig said...

OMG! poor thing!
i love your hat!

Maryvannote said...

These photos are so beautiful!!!!  I miss you too!  We must skype soon.  I just sent you some money from what I sold since I sent you the hat.  Hopefully that helps a little.  I put the items from your collection in a special section in my shop so you can promote it too: http://www.etsy.com/shop/maryvannote?section_id=11646782 I'll be posting some more in there soon.  I LOVE seeing the hat on you.  I had never heard of Kanzashi flowers before.  So cool.

ilovefilm85 said...

The headpiece is amazing! Mary has exquisite taste! Shame about the phone. xxx

Nicole Eymard said...

thank you!!!!!!!  Im that much closer to getting my iphone!

Nicole Eymard said...

She does doesn't she?!!!

Nicole Eymard said...

Thanks :)

Nicole Eymard said...

Ahh I had to refund it because it was my old american paypal on the donation button, so now I fixed it and refunded it! ahhaha

Christian Louboutin said...

What an amazing head piece!!!

streetlegal said...

OMG your hair band is so cute and the frock  in blue color is very elegant and i am very sorry about your iphone.
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