Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bruises and the typical explosion of flowers!









I am the most clumsy lady on earth and always sport at least two bruises on my 'too long for my body legs',
 lately they have been looking pretty rough I must say!

Photos taken by: My dog Clementine, with the help of Pierre Eymard

Taken: In front of a creepy shed that has toxic/hazardous unknown things inside
 located the park in front of my house 

The Outfit:

Bandeau: 1920s with silk ribbon flower embroidery on a mesh base, surrounded by pink ruffles
Dress suit: 1950s ~ From DrivingHorseVintage
Shoes: 1960s green suede lace up with cut outs and square toes ~ From: Spitalfields market at the vintage heaven booth
Petticoat: 1950s flocked flowers ~ From: Annie's
Belt: 1980's interchangeable base with a random 1970s belt buckle in the shape of a armadillo ~ Both I have had for thousand years


Kelly-Marie said...

Good job Clementine, great pics. :) So in love with your 1920's Bandeau. Clumsy girls 4eva! 

Nicole Eymard said...

 Haha I know she just hopped right in there like a pro!

Maxens M. Finch said...

Ahah, I hope it doesn't hurt too much! I had bruises last month, and even where there weren't bruises it hurted and I had difficulty to walk (long story.)
Even in the pictures, the shoes' material seems really nice. Great dress patterns and colors, too!

Maryvannote said...

That bandeau is the prettiest one I have ever seen!  That's one of those items I've been searching for, so cool you found such a precious one.  Love those amazing shoes and flocked petticoat too.  TOO MUCH GOODNESS minus the bruises of course.

Pullyoursocksup said...

I've been in the wars too ... we have the same problem, mine is compounded by HUGE feet!  You'd think at age 44 I'd be used to them eh?  But there is so, so much delicious goodness here to distract from the bruises,  I love EVERYTHING about this ensemble, from top to toe! xx

Nicole Eymard said...

Hahah oh no Im doomed then!  Aw Im glad that I have distractions from the bruises, I hope this works on everyone! haha

Nicole Eymard said...

Yeah I have had it forever, and a week ago I found this box that had all the hats and items I purchased like a million years ago and was really worried I had lost them, but I found them again.  It was purchased when I was sssssssssssssuuuper obsessed with the 1920s like in 2002 or something, I have some jewels that are now going for millions of dollars online because of how popular and more educated people are about the 1920s now!

Nicole Eymard said...

I dont really feel them, so it it always a shock when I see them! ahha  Oh no you poor thing! Yeah that is definitely one of my favorite greens!

Nicole Eymard said...

did you get my refund by the way?

oranges_and_apples said...

I barely bruise at all, when I do I am always weirdly proud! Usually it just hurts and I have nothing to show for it. I love your outfit, especially the bandeau. You look fabulous even with sad expression.

Penny dreadful vintage said...

Those shoes are amazing, I love the colour and the lattice effect. I often end up with random bruises too, I never know where they come from!

Penny Dreadful Vintage 

Kwyver said...

I'm so clumsy too, I trip over everything and bang into doors daily, but at least your lovely dress distracts from them!!

toriradday said...

Incredible vintage look!

Online Bingo said...

Lol! In front of a creepy fence is right! I super love the dress. Greens and blues make a good combination


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