Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick little hat pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts, I hope you understand :(
 I'm trying to launch my own label, all the while continue with collaborations (making mini collecting by hand all by myself!!), 
and try to get a new phone (dealing with the theft of my phone and paypal trageties)
My etsy account even got canceled!!! :( 
And if anyone wants the items that I posted on etsy earlier in the month 
you can still contact me because they havent sold yet :(

I feel like im living in a circus and I am the ringmaster, creator, and performer in all the acts!

Outfit Details:

Hat: 1960s flower hat
Flowers on top: 1960s Kanzashi flower hair piece (hair pick) I suck on top of my 1960s hat
Blouse: 1950s scalloped powder blue ruffles and mini pearl buttons
Nail polish: YSL (I think its the perfect nail goes with any color combo!)
Shorts: Topshop (full post coming soon!)



Things will work out, you will see. The path is neve easy for an artist like you.
Wishing you all the best.

Maryvannote said...

sounds like you've been dealing with too much stressful stuff!  you look lovely tho and I'm so excited that you're working on your own collection

Elizabeth Mackey said...

Are you relaunching the Etsy??

Juliasancha said...

Beautiful outfit !!! Love your blog :)))

Pullyoursocksup said...

Oh poo to techno troubles, I really hope you get things set up again smoothly:)). Yay to today's delicious hat confectionary, you look gorgeous glowing in the sunshine:))) xx

streetlegal said...

you hat is so cute. lovely outfit .to wearing this outfit you looking angel.
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ullam said...

Hi Nicol!  You look as adorable as ever!!!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog again, its wonderful to hear from you.  I hope England is treating you well...  Regarding the wax flowers, I use regular candle wax (paraffin) in a small crock-pot to make my flowers.  I'm not sure how the antique ones were done, but my understanding is that it is very similar to how I do them.  The flowers themselves are made of crepe paper.  I've taught this class a number of times with great success, so let me know if you have more questions.  Hugs, Ulla

Kelly-Marie said...

Hope you are okay sweetheart. Sounds like a stressful circus but i'm so excited for you that you are working on lot's of things. I'm not on Facebook anymore so email me if you need me or want to meet up and send me your new number when you have it. Sending you lots of love. 

femme magazine said...

waw .. sexy i love it

Calurvillade said...

i love your hat! oh gosh i would love to meet up with you, shopping maybe? you always have the best outfits, you probably have london shopping down. email me :) 

ioana carmen said...


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ioana carmen said...


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ioana carmen said...


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Phi said...

what colour of nail polish are you wearing?


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