Thursday, April 16, 2009

Work in progress

Here is the first protoype
for my conceptual final
the concept will be explained 
when finished

This is one of my explanitons
for no posts in 
a million years!

IMG_6085 by you.
IMG_6091 by you.IMG_6086 by you.IMG_6087 by you.IMG_6089 by you.IMG_6093 by you.

And for outfit of the day:

favorite spring coat
in a classy drunken pose

IMG_5723 by you.


louise or valentine said...

your coat is amazing^^

Shannon said...

laser cutter?!

that is a sassy pose...

Natalie Creed said...

Ah, laser cutter = love

Your design looks interesting, looking forward to reading about the concept.


olga d said...

bzzzz you're my role model, you're not allowed to drink (so rarely)!

Anonymous said...

You're not THAT drunk, it's actually fine ;D

Sorry for the absence, holiday reason ^^

tilydi said...

WOW , this is the first time I viewed your blog. Thank you for being truly invented and creative. Very few fashion blogs show this. It's all about what was purchased not what was created from the heart. I'm very inspired .

Pretty Pirate said...

Hey there lady,

I got lucky enough to get invited to the fashion show tomorrow at the academy of art, are your designs going to be in it? Are you attending? Just thought I would check. If so, I can't wait to see them in person. ;)

kimvee said...

Love the ballet flats & that design looks very unique :)

_nina_malvada_ said...

i love the perfect...

July Stars said...

Wonderful blog, incredibly refreshing.
Love your passionate innocence!
Kiss from London


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