Friday, April 3, 2009

Amazing person award and first true spring outfit

The Amazing person award goes to 


She is finishing up her studies in textiles
I have had the honor to take a class with her

This is her senoir thesis 
She makes fun of fashion
and how rediculous prices are

for nothing

and so she made something amazing
out of nothing

she has a good eye fr items people 
leave behind
and transforms them into A+ purses
that are lined with play money
and labeled with prices comparable 
to the typical luxry brand

her Jesus barette

IMG_4772 by you.

IMG_4769 by you.

My personal favorite bag

IMG_4047 by you.

My other favorite

IMG_4039 by you.

IMG_4044 by you.

IMG_4041 by you.

IMG_4042 by you.

IMG_4046 by you.

Now on to my first 
true spring outfit

IMG_5588 by you.

IMG_5609 by you.

IMG_5612 by you.

IMG_5602 by you.

IMG_5594 by you.

IMG_5597 by you.


Mary said...

I have a folder on my computer dedicated to all your amazing outfits. Nice purses too, I love the shiny one

Chelsea said...

I seriously want to join your college, is everyone there this awesome.

Lecon de vetement said...

To Mary: Wow I'm so flattered!! thanks so much for your love!

To Chelsea: no, actually there only like 3 cool truly amazingly creative people at my school. Thats why its so easy for me to show you the rare birds (because they are rjavascript:void(0)are!!)

Shannon said...

aww nicole you're so sweet!! i didn't realize you were going to put pictures of my bags in there too! i'm really glad we got the chance to take a class together...

Tavi said...

You look great! Love the colors in your outfit.
And what a neat idea for design, reminds me of how Alexander McQueen mocked how fashion recycles and exaggerates silly ideas in his recent collection. LOve the bag with all the handles.

Eline said...

Wowos! I really kind of want this amazing Shannon lady starts her own blog or Etsy shop! I want that bag! Also loving your outfit as usual!

Anonymous said...

Your outfit is stunning !!!

Emy said...

perhaps, the most amazing thing I've ever seen. P.s. love the multi handled bag of hers!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

That lilacs hat is just the best thing ever.

Nellie said...

I love spring colors and this outfit is truly nice!! Love it!!


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