Thursday, April 23, 2009

Small outfit ketchup

1950 purse 
1940 scarf 
2 H&M belts 
1950 coat worn inside out 
1960 pinafore 
1960 pink gloves 
Turkish scarf with crochet flowers named oya H&M tights 1940 dead stock sandals

IMG_6121 by you.

IMG_6115 by you.

IMG_6122 by you.
IMG_6128 by you.

1950 dress
silk ribbon
urban outfitters shoes
1930 belt

IMG_6640 by you.IMG_6639 by you.IMG_6642 by you.


Anonymous said...

I looooove the color of the first foulard !

Shannon said...

i love that you turned the coat inside out... and that tiger brooch is grrrrrrrrreat! yeah i'm cheesy like that.

Liily said...

I have been a silent reader of your blog for a while now and have finally decided to comment. Your sense of fashion is very beautiful. I am consistently jealous of your vintage skills.


Cassidy said...

I love when people wear pink and red at the same time, they're my two favorite colors. ^_^

Anonymous said...

no one suits red as you do, you look stunning on the second serie of photos.

Le Tasché said...

Amazing as always !!!

harps said...

ooh I love the scarf with the little crochet flowers, what a nice touch. the pale green and pink colour palette is lovely too, what a great outfit!

Solanah said...

yay! You're wearing the tiger pin! You look fabulous of corse ;)


Isabel said...

Amazing! I love both outfits, especially with the headscarves.

jessie frances said...

you are too f'n cute!...thanks for putting my shop Vinny and Vernelle in your faves! your blog
xo jf

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