Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Green Cupids

On the same day
I found the amazing coat
I found this 1950's
cocktail dress
green cupid
and a swirly hat
the outfit

On Saturday
I took
a friend
across the golden gate bridge
my outfit perfectly
matched the bridge

IMG_9198 by you.
IMG_9191 by you.


Becky Lou said...

Your outfits are always so wonderful. I want to put each one on display in a museum! I'm so glad you're documenting them.

Pretty Pirate said...

Hey lady,

If you haven't heard (or seen) you really are on suzie's blog! Congrats, what a awesome honor!!



Ulla said...

Too cute! And Congrats on your appearance on Suzie's blog! I love her finds!!!

OutsaPop said...

I love the way you use color in your outfits. Wonderful details. I found my way here from Susie´s blog. :D

Yadira said...

Love that headband!


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