Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fashionable Week

Today I will finish up the
with a fashion show

I am so honored



Susie Bubble enjoyed

my outfit!

go to her blog

she said very flattering things!!

I'm sad

I wasn't brave enough

to snap a photo of her

Zana and her fellow employees

hosted the party last night

I snapped a photo of her

looking great in her

ruby reds

and her new

laced up

amazing boots

IMG_9405 by you.

Oh and my

Eley Kishimonto

ostridge sweater

was finally perfect

for the unreliable weather

IMG_9400 by you.


feverhoney said...

Argh! The Eley Kishimoto ostridge sweater! SO so jealous. I love how you've styled it too.

Eyeliah @ said...

Love your whimsical style. I played with a similar (although not as grand - I wish!!) type of style in 2004/05 I guess with lots of clothes with animals on them, leroy & shirlee sweaters, always in bight colors. I never quite owned the look like you do and I am so happy you are blogging and sharing your looks with us!

Pretty Pirate said...

I'm not sure what size shoes you wear, but I spotted these on etsy, and they reminded me of your doggie ones.......check em out, they are adorable!

MR style said...

your bags are to die for !!

Vasiliisa said...

Your style is amazing!

Emi said...

I love your style.

Katherine said...

Oh my, I love your style! Where on ebay do you get these beautiful dresses and coats? One of my favorite sellers is Violetville Vintage, but I don't have any money to spend on this kind of stuff currently.
I also feel like you'd like this site: .
Thanks :)

um said...

this is awful

ana b. said...

Oh you look so amazing in both outfits! I love the way you have with colours and patterns. I will definitely be coming back to your blog again.

Anonymous said...

Did you get drunk and stumble your way through a fancy dress shop?

ldvnicole said...

To everyone: Thank you so much for your complements!!

To pretty pirate: Im sad, they were sold once I got to them :(

To Katherine: wow thanks for the link, I love Violet vintage as well (the green dress with all the buttons and flaps was from her)

To um: No one forced you to look up my blog

To ana b: Yes! please come back soon!

To anonymous: No I found my dress on the internet, and the coat in J crew and the tights in H&M. Not a fancy shop.

woodley park-zoo said...

OMG you are wonderment! I found you via Susie's post... between you and Zana, you are my two fav SF-fashion gals now as I love quite a spectrum and you are masters of your domains!

I lived in SF for a while, and will definitely be moving back to Cali semisoon (whether north or south is not sure yet), so maybe I will get to see you out and about sometime!

woodley park-zoo said...

(psst, btw, 'fancy dress' = costume in Brit terms, so they meant costume shop. But screw that comment anyway!)

ldvnicole said...

To woodley park: Thanks so much for the love!

jocelyne said...

aww, thats too bad. They were so you!

congrats again on all the love from suzie!! How exciting for you! You deserve it darling, you are fab!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, that sweater! The whole outfit is amazing, though. I read about your blog via Hipster Musings, and now I've got to add you to my mile-long list of inspirations! XD

Xx, Sarz

Ulla said...

Where oh Where did you ever find an Ostrich sweater??? Its fairytale divine! Ignore those nasties - you are a fashion guru!!!

roller coaster by the sea said...

Hi, I am the assistant at Violetville vintage and noticed that familiar green dress- was going to ask if you got it from us, but learned from the comments that you did! We just started a blog- come check it out!

Melly said...

Zana is so cool too, wow. That Eley K cardigan is the best thing ever!!! It goes with your clothes so so darn well, great buy!


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