Friday, October 24, 2008

Gambling mice

A 1920's cloche arrived today
along with this 1950's purse
the mice are playing cards
My table is decked out
with maple leaves


Ulla said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the mice!!! What a whimsy!!! Hats nice too, but the Mice - Oh My!!!

april said...

are those real mice? or those made in china type?

ldvnicole said...

april- they are real pelt with a fake tail and eyes. Its from the 1950's and so they lacked in the made in china mice then.

Pretty Pirate said...

Your blog was linked in a comment for this post....

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm escited to have another blog to follow, especially a local one!!


Olivia said...

Can I be your friend? You're amazing. Are you coming back to Paris in the summer? We need to hang out, seriously.

melly said...

I love your colours Nicole, in all your pictures.


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